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Look at Volvo’s Polestar Electric Car Subscription Service

The car brand Volvo is making ways with it’s new Polestar electric car subscription. It’s a move that has gotten everybody talking!

The famous car brand will use the new Polstar brand to take on Model 3 by Tesla, with a subscription service to be available in around 2 years for the long-range electric car. Volvo has created Polestar in an entirely separate division, and is putting more of a focus on electric cars that are high performance. Great news for those who are looking to be more environmentally friendly with their choice of vehicle, as well as potentially save money with a subscription service.

The plans were revealed by the Swedish car maker last Tuesday, giving away the names of the first 3 vehicles that Polestar will release. The details of the all inclusive pay monthly service have also been released, with Volvo explaining that they wanted to take away the hassle of car ownership (we all know what a nightmare that can be at times). The fixed price subscription service offered by them will include all auto repair, maintenance and insurance, and buyers will also have the option to make extra payments so that they can use a larger SUV for other trips.

This is an exciting innovation from Volvo and one of the first subscription services of its kind.

Volvo/Polestar also announced that they will have an app that customers can use to make their lives even easier, booking washes and valets services when they want them, as well as other services that may be necessary. You could use the app when in need of having a roof box fitted, for instance. Jonathan Goodman is the chief operating officer at Polestar, and explained that they look at the subscription service as the future. Their vision is to have the subscription model and services define the Polestar brand alongside the quality electronic vehicles they plan on producing. Volvo also announced to excited car enthusiasts last month that their latest SUV vehicle (the XC40) will also be available on a subscription.

Volvo’s Chinese owner Geely, which has brands in multiple market segments, has shown ambition with this move. There are other manufacturers who have attempted to launched cars with similar features, such as the Nissan Leaf. However, the second Polestar 2 will be launched to compete directly against Tesla’s Model 3 later on in 2019.

The first car from Polestar will be launched earlier in 2019, and is going to be a hybrid sports saloon that you plug in to charge. It will have a range of 150km with electric power, and the third car to be released will be a totally electric SUV model.

Ultimately owned by Zhejiang Geely, Polestar is a subsidiary of the Volvo Car group. Technology and engineering is shared between the two. The brand is going to continue manufacturing high performance models for Volvo. You can compare this partnership to many others on the market right now, such as the one between the AMG sub-brand and Mercedes-Benz.

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