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Maintaining Your Car in Its Pristine Performance

Visiting an automobile repair shop is nowhere near on top of the wishlist of everyone most especially since it can cost people a good amount of fortune. In addition, regular car repairs and maintenance can cost by as much as $500 depending on the problem of your vehicle.

But Palmer Administrative Services Inc. is here to run down all the options for you to help your car maintain its pristine and excellent performance.

Established in Sunset Avenue Ocean in New Jersey, the automotive insurance provider, Palmer Administrative Services Inc. has been providing their clients’ massive assistance when it comes to offering consistent and sterling quality of auto protection plans, simple claims processing, amiable customer service, and financing that is right within your means.

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Guaranteeing its top-notch service for the customers of Palmer Administration is their accreditation from Better Business Bureau which means that they have always been consistent in answering the queries and giving solutions to the problems of their customers.

And speaking of solutions, Palmer Administration will do all the hard work for you while you sip your favourite drink as the driver will just need to hand over the contact details of their car company to one of their mechanic for a claims process. Consequently, their mechanic will be contacting the agent of the company informing about the repairs that are set to be made your car.

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Among of the program benefits of the Palmer Administration include the no-cost payment plan, car rental, roadside assistance, lockout assistance, trip interruption protection, transferable coverage, national coverage, and the unlimited number of claims.

The no-cost payment plan is a service offered by the Palmer Administration in which they provide their customers flexible and affordable payment options along with an extended service protection courtesy while their roadside assistance benefits cap everything from towing, jumpstarting a dead battery, tire change, and fuel delivery.

Since Palmer Administration want you to still continue your daily routine when your car is being repaired, they will be renting a car which is just perfect for your needs so that you can still be productive without your ride.

Moreover, you can always reach Palmer Administration in any part of the United States and Canada thanks to their national coverage feature which can allow you to call their claims number while on the road a for prior go signal. In addition, Palmer Administration is not setting any limit to the number of claims you can make for your vehicle making the whole service a pure bargain.

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Furthermore, the Palmer Administration can also provide you lockout assistance when you have accidentally left your keys inside the car as well as a transferable coverage, meaning that you can always transfer the contract the next owner when you decide to sell it.

And the icing on top of the cake is their trip interruption protection aid which gives you $75 per day for overnight stays and meals if you are stranded more than 100 miles away from home due to any failure of a covered component in the chosen plan.

Start saving money today by calling the Palmer Administrative Services Inc. at 800-599-9557.

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