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Make Sure Your First Car Meets These Requirements

For many of us, passing our driving test is a rite of passage. Sure, it’s just a piece of writing on a certificate, but as any driver will tell you, it means so much more than that. Being able to drive opens up hundreds of possibilities to you – the world is very much your oyster. Plus, it enables you to live life a little more on your terms, without having to always rely on friends for lifts or public transport to get you from A to B. However, passing the test is merely the first step: you then actually need a car of your own. The car market is so vast that it can sometimes feel overwhelming knowing where to begin. The last thing you want to do is jump in headfirst, and end up buying a car that isn’t right for you at all. Here are a few things to look out for when you are browsing for your first ever vehicle.


Mileage may not mean a great deal to you now, but trust us: once you start driving it will do! Typically, the more miles a car has done, the more likely it is to become worn and broken in the not too distant future. However, unless you are buying a brand new vehicle (and let’s be honest, which first-time buyer is?!), there’s going to be some miles on the clock. Try and look at things relatively. If the car has quite a lot of miles on it but is still in impeccable condition, it could still be a good buy. You could easily come across a car with barely any miles on it that has been neglected, and therefore it could have a whole host of other things wrong with it. Ask questions about the car’s history and if you’re unsure, go with your gut!


You have probably heard plenty of warnings from friends and family about the safety aspects of your first car. This can get tiresome but remember they are only looking out for you as a newbie driver. Safety is still important when it comes to the model of car you choose, as a crash can have potentially devastating consequences. Of course, it always helps to know exactly what to do if you do end up having an accident, such as reading this Ringer Associates structured settlement review. But it is always best to keep your crash chances as low as possible in the first place. Study everything from airbags to seat adjustment, as they can all impact on the overall safety of your car.


If you’re a bit of a petrolhead, you probably dream of owning a souped-up vehicle that looks good and drives fast. However, the bad news is that most cars of this nature are incredibly costly to buy and run. Smaller cars may not have the same visual impact or the same power behind them, but they are far more cost-effective, and even come with cheaper insurance too.

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