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McLaren MSO 650S Coupe Concept

McLaren Special Operations, or MSO for short, have released pictures and details of their take on the new 650S Coupe. The car is still officially a concept, but if it goes down well enough on its tour of China, expect all the options to become available on the 650S range in the near future. Meaning that if you were one of the few who felt the standard 650S looked a bit strange with its P1 face grafted onto a 12C body then this fettled car might just be the answer to your prayers.

McLaren MSO 650S

McLaren MSO 650S – A Harder, Sharper Look

The upgrades on the car are all purely visual, MSO haven’t strapped another turbo on or anything, but to be fair the 641bhp S which dispatches 0-62mph in 2.9 seconds doesn’t really need any more speed! Instead they have focused their attention on hardening the image of the car and aiding aero with a host of new wings, blades, diffusers and lashings of carbon fibre. Starting at the front the MSO car features a new, bigger, carbon fibre splitter and air intakes, down the sides there are new full length air blades also made of the woven black stuff, while at the rear there is a new GT3 inspired bumper with, you guessed it, a carbon diffuser. All the parts do their bit to improve airflow around the car; increasing downforce, reducing drag, and improving efficiency.



Black Alloys Look Perfect!

Other upgrades include satin black alloys, something which I think all 650’s should get as the standard wheels are just a bit too blingy for my liking. A new colour has also been applied to the panels, namely Agrigan Black, this is a black metallic paint with a ruby red metal flake in it, which when hit with direct sunlight makes the car change colour. When combined with the new wheels and the carbon fibre I think the 650S looks like a road legal batmobile, all dark and menacing. Personally I find this car much better looking than the standard car, but I have always been partial to bit of subtle modifying.


Take a look inside

Upgrades aren’t limited to the outside though, inside the car features new fixed back carbon fibre racing seats which sit the occupants lower in the car and save 15kg of weight. More carbon has been used in the interior and some of the switchgear has been finished in contrasting satin black to really continue the dark menacing theme on the inside. Even the engine compartment hasn’t escaped the tin of satin black paint with the engine cover now painted black.


McLaren MSO 650S

McLaren MSO 650S – Options

As I’ve mentioned the MSO 650S is still just a concept, however a couple of its aero parts are already available on the options list of the 650. For the price of a brand new Dacia Sandero (£7,245), buyers can choose to have that new rear diffuser, while the side blades are also available for £5,114. Owners of the older 12C need not feel left out either as these options are also available for that car.

Hopefully the MSO gets a warm reception in China because I think the upgrades really make the car stand out. If I had the cash I’d definitely spec my car to look exactly like it.

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