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McLaren P1 – 0-186mph in 16.5sec – Yes please

Official performance figures for the McLaren P1 have finally been confirmed. It’s a little over a year since the new car debuted in production form at the 2012 Paris motor show, and the release of information and specs since has been a pretty drawn out one. We all knew it was fast anyway right?

By now the first of 375 customer P1s have rolled off the production line at the Woking factory.

The headline figures are a 2.8sec 0-62 time and a 217mph top speed, the latter apparently being electronically limited. 0-124mph takes 6.8sec, while a 16.5sec 0-186mph sprint is 5.5sec quicker than the previous car, the McLaren F1. The F1 gets the upper hand when it comes to top speed, though; the car famously hit 243mph back in 1998, while this new P1 is electronically limited to 217mph, putting it behind claims for the Aston Martin One-77 and Noble M600, its fellow British supercar competitors.

The P1’s quarter-mile performance is particularly impressive, though, the distance completed in 9.8sec at 152mph. Which is fast than a Veyron.

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