McLaren P1 Silverstone 4

Silverstone Hosts the McLaren P1 GTR for Testing

At Motor Verso we have a lot of love for the Silverstone racing circuit and I was pleasantly surprised when I came across these pictures of the McLaren P1 GTR being tested on a circuit we know and love.

McLaren P1 Silverstone 3

P1 GTR Tested with the 650S

Around a week ago Zan Photography caught the P1 GTR with his camera whilst it was being tested alongside four 650S GT3s. Saldly I wasn’t there to experience this beast take on the famous circuit, but thanks to Zan I at least got to see a few pictures of the P1 GTR in action.

McLaren P1 Silverstone 2

McLaren Release New Supercars

Whilst we are discussing McLarens, don’t forget at the lower end of the spectrum they have just released two brand new supercars the 570S and 540C. Take a quick look at the linked articles to find out a bit more about them.

McLaren P1 Silverstone 1

Photo Source: Zan Photography

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