McLaren Special Operations – Show Stopping 600LT

McLaren Special Operations Produce 600LT To Showcase Bespoke Options

The McLaren 600LT with bespoke personalisation by McLaren Special Operations (MSO) made its global debut on the Pebble Beach Concept Lawn on the 26th August. The Stealth Grey car features both MSO defined and MSO Bespoke options that further enhance the track-focused character of the McLaren 600LT. Inspired by the legendary McLaren F1 it features a carbon fibre roof scoop, which makes the car look completely different and certainly grabs your attention, it also features the same carbon fibre racing seats that the McLaren Senna comes with, so this car certainly racing pedigree that’s for sure. MSO offer limitless bespoke possibilities to fulfil all customer visions, and if you have the money, I’m sure there are some crazy cars that can come from this program.

McLaren’s Lightest, Most Powerful Road Legal Car

The show-stopping, ‘by MSO’, produced by bespoke division, McLaren Special Operations, had its global launch on the Concept Lawn at the Pebble Beach Concours d-Elegance on 26th August. The car was finished in a Stealth Grey MSO bespoke paint and featured a vast array of upgrades from both the MSO defined catalogue of options and the MSO bespoke customer choices. The upgrades featured gave a preview of how much personalisation can be incorporated into McLaren’s lightest, most powerful road-legal sports series car.

MSO McLaren 600LT featuring McLaren F1 Roof Scoop

Introduced in July at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the McLaren 600LT epitomises the McLaren philosophy of producing lightweight sportscars and supercars that deliver extreme performance and exceptional driver engagement. Featuring the unique LT top-exit exhaust, the car delivers 600PS and can sprint to 60mph in just 2.8 seconds, it will also keep going all the way to its maximum of 204mph, if you can handle it!

MSO Bespoke And MSO Defined – Imagination Is The Only Limitation

Ansar Ali, Managing director of McLaren Special Operations said, “MSO Bespoke was established to help customers realise their dreams,” as if owning a bog standard McLaren wasn’t enough of a dream, “and allows an almost limitless level of customisation where imagination is the only restrictive factor. With MSO Defined we offer a range of personalisation beyond the standard factory options.” And going off the carbon fibre roof scoop, you can see that they mean it when they talk about imagination being the only limiting factor. Ali goes on to say that, “for this special 600LT we have combined a sprinkling of both [referring to both services, MSO Bespoke and MSO Defined] to create a car that showcases the lightness and track-focused performance of this latest longtail variant.”


MSO Bespoke Exterior

The exterior, featuring the bespoke stealth grey paint, also features a matt black and McLaren orange exterior pack to accent the car’s aerodynamic features. The iconic visual carbon fibre roof scoop inspired by the McLaren F1 Longtail, is a key MSO Bespoke addition and operates as a fully functional air intake system that invigorates the driving experience with its active air induction sound. Now if that isn’t getting you frothing at the mouth to out one on your McLaren, I don’t know what will. A track telemetry camera is also seamlessly integrated into the scoop cover to record inspirational moments.

MSO Defined Upgrades

Other MSO Defined options on the car include all three carbon fibre upgrade packs available for the 600LT, which include door mirrors, exterior door inserts, front splitter, rear bumper, diffuser and rear deck and service cover. An MSO Defined carbon fibre roof and cantrails, plus carbon fibre fender louvres (which help to reduce weight) are also fitted to the car. The Wheels on the car are ultra-lightweight 10-spoke forged alloy wheels with a gloss black finish to go with the stealth theme and complete the look of the car.

MSO Interior

Inside the car, the occupants are reminded of the 600LT’s track-focused heritage, with a myriad of MSO touches including super-lightweight carbon fibre racing seats taken straight from the McLaren Senna. The interior also features a McLaren orange contrast stitch to mirror the exterior striping, a carbon fibre interior upgrade pack including central tunnel and door insert panels and the harness bar and 6-point harnesses from the MSO Clubsport pro pack.

The interiors character is further transformed by the presence of the visual carbon fibre roof scoop cover, incorporated into the headliner and the twin visual carbon fibre intake hoses for the scoop that are seamlessly integrated into the 600LT’s cabin design.

MSO McLaren 600LT interior, Racing seats from McLaren Senna

Bespoke Luxuries And Interior Touches

Adding a touch of extra luxury is the upgraded 12-speaker Bowers & Wilkins audio system for enjoying those drives to the track, while beautiful detail touches that complete the picture include bespoke embroidery in the headrests, the discrete etching of ‘600LT’ on the throttle pedal and a bespoke set of hand-painted keys that unlock the passport to 600LT adventures.

Now I know if I had the money to go and use these services from McLaren, I certainly would be thinking of all the things I would want to do. McLaren say that the process starts with the customer describing what they want and then Esteban Palazzo, designer, will draw their design. The base model being a 600LT, means that there could be some seriously cool and seriously fast cars produced from this service and I’m sure you’ll be just as excited as me to see the outcomes.

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