McLaren’s GT Goes On Tour

The McLaren Grand Tour gets underway in the UK on the 17th of June, the travelling ensemble of McLarens most wonderful creations. The Tour will be injecting multiple European countries with some British horsepower, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and France.

Including McLaren GT

Not only will the Tour be showcasing McLaren’s past creations, McLaren Automotive today announces that the brand-new McLaren GT will also be joining the road trip. Offering lucky members of the public to get a closer look at McLarens latest model.

The McLaren GT will take its place amongst its new brothers and sisters. Accelerating alongside cars such as the £126,000 entry-level 540C, the £237,000 Super Series 720S Spider and the £750,000 Insane McLaren Senna.

McLaren Senna scene 1

Open To The Public

The McLaren retailer will be open to the public each date of the tour, with special events also being held for owners and prospects. Excitement should be high with the chance to meet this new GT from McLaren.

David Gilbert, McLarens Managing Director Europe said; “The McLaren GT is designed with long-range touring in mind, so a Grand Tour of the European continent is entirely fitting for our exciting new model, which will open our brand to an important sector of the high-performance car market. We would like to invite McLaren customers and followers to visit us on the McLaren GT’s summer Grand Tour, which will be a great opportunity to admire the new car’s elegant design as well as a chance to discover more about the whole McLaren range.”

McLaren P1 by MSO 09

For those interested in joining McLaren on their summer excursion, the dates and places are below:
• June 17: Bristol/Birmingham & Leeds
• June 20: London/Ascot & Manchester
• June 25: Utrecht
• June 26: New Forest
• June 27: Glasgow & Brussels
• July 2: Hamburg, Frankfurt & Lugano
• July 4: Munich, Dusseldorf & Milan
• July 10: Zurich, Stuttgart & Barcelona
• July 17: Paris

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