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Meeting your hero! Ferrari 250 GTO SWB

Star of the show!

Like many millions of people, I am a huge Ferrari fan. I believe that Ferrari, over the years have set the benchmark that all other automotive manufacturers aspire to. As with other manufacturers, Ferrari are not immune to the occasional blip in quality but in the main, they are near untouchable.

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Being a child of the eighties, the F40 was probably my first true automotive love. This was later surpassed by the Enzo and now I feel a strange tug on the heart-strings for the ‘LaFerrari’ However, some of Ferrari’s greatest achievements came many years before I was born. The 250 GTO (in any of it’s guises) is held by many as the most beautful car ever built and the 250 GTO SWB (Short Wheel Base) is regarded by many die-hard Ferrari fans as the great ‘all-round’ Ferrari ever built.

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At this weekends Classic Car Show in Birmingham, I finally got ‘up-close-and-personal’ with on and I have to say, it’s sensational! It is intimidatingly beautiful as it is expensive (and it is very expensive!). I took my time to look around the car soaking in all of those gorgeous details. I even (cheekily) asked the guy on the stand if he would mind opening this baby up to take a look inside, I am pleased to say he said yes! This car is stunning and for all the LaFerrari’s in the world, I genuinely think I would turn one down and go for the far cooler option of the 250 GTO SWB!

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