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Mercedes-Benz Of Erdington Now Has New Cars For Sale

A post-pandemic car buying experience will no doubt be a lot different than what we’ve been used to. That, alongside a tectonic shift in the automobile landscape, is making headway for showrooms to change with them. With that in mind, Mercedes-Benz of Erdington has gone through its own transformation phase.

The state-of-the-art flagship site for LSH Auto in the Midlands is found just off the M6. Originally, it launched as a Used Car Centre of Excellence, two years ago. But now for the first time, a £250,000 refurbishment will enable customers to choose and purchase new cars. This is owing to its huge and growing popularity with customers that once took a pick of pre-owned selections.

Speaking more on this, Martyn Webb, the Managing Director of LSH Auto, said:

Mercedes-Benz of Erdington has consistently excelled since its launch, offering customers a destination experience when they visit. We are delighted to be launching new car sales from the site. Our number one priority is providing our customers with excellence and the upgraded showroom reflects our high standards.

Many A Things To Do

For customers – both looking for new or used cars – you can certainly find more things to keep you occupied. The refurbished Erdington dealership has an interactive consultation area. Here, customers can choose the colour, trims, options, and design specifications of their new, dream Mercedes.

There’s a new ‘halo area’, where prestige vehicles from Mercedes’ back catalogue will be displayed. This should drum up your imagination from Mercedes’ more than a century-long heritage. If you’d like to take a break, there’s a bistro at Mercedes-Benz of Erdington, as well. That, and a place where you can get gifts for your loved ones, from hats to children’s toys.

Noting the importance of this, the General Manager of Mercedes-Benz of Erdington, Aiden Perris, added:

We want to give our customers more choice and allow them to find the right car to purchase in a relaxed, no-pressure, environment that has been tailor-made to give them the best experience. Our doors are open to everyone. They can come and use a desk, have a coffee and a bite to eat. We’ve already had fantastic feedback from our customers and we’re looking forward to welcoming old and new customers to see the dealership for themselves.

Top-Notch Customer Service

It’s definitely worked wonders so far. Since the launch of its new car sales service, they’ve been given a 5-star rating for customer service. On top of that, there are more than 200 vehicles on display. These include 30 new and pre-owned models at its showroom, with a bespoke AMG section for the latest racers.

Another 150 ‘Approved Used’ sit ready and waiting for new customers. Being a Mercedes-Benz Vans retail franchise, Mercedes-Benz Erdington also has commercial vehicles on-site, at a separate dedicated showroom. After-sales servicing won’t be a problem too, with 12 workshop bays and the very best technicians.

Finishing off, Martyn Webb, mentioned:

LSH Auto is a business that always looks to the future. We continue to invest in our dealerships to offer the highest standards, from the presentation of our vehicles, to state of the art equipment for aftersales care and most importantly an outstanding customer experience.

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