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Take A Look At The Mercedes Remote Parking Pilot Feature

The bridge between cars and technology is continuously developing making our once mechanical-only cars turn into autonomous cars of the feature. I recently got to witness the Mercedes Remote Parking Pilot feature. This technology means that you are able to park the car – with no driver inside – remotely from your smart phone.

Mercedes Remote Parking 2 Mercedes Remote Parking Pilot

Mercedes Technical Demo

I experienced this with a couple of other journalists on a Mercedes test day. We sat in a Mercedes E-Class fitted with the technology. We then drove past an open space between two cars. The Mercedes identified the available space between the car and highlighted it to the driver to stop, the driver then activates the remote park, gets out of the car and using a mobile app allows the car to park itself. The driver does need to provide a constant circle motion on the device keeping an element of responsibility with the driver at all times.

Mercedes Remote Parking Pilot Video

I witnessed the car take several manoeuvres to work its way into the space and then finally set itself in straight before turning off the engine. Take a look at the video below to get an idea of just how impressive the technology is.


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