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What The Midlands Has To Offer Your Car

When you think about great places to take your car out for a spin, you don’t tend to think of the floating bit between the North and South in the UK. The Midlands doesn’t appeal to car enthusiasts, although it’s hard to understand why; it’s home to some great classics such as Jaguar, Land Rover and Aston Martin, which aren’t your average run-of-the-mill vehicles. The industry has definitely grown around the Birmingham area, but what else has the Midlands got to offer to those who are interested in getting the most from their beloved car?

The Tick Of Approval

Although it’s got its fair share of concentrated roads when you’re heading in towards Birmingham, the Midlands has also got its own tick – which is a brilliant road to drive down. This 50-mile long route offers an enjoyable ride due to its eclectic mix of sharp bends and straight roads, which is sure to keep you on your toes and put to test even the most responsive of cars. You will start off in Nottinghamshire and end in Leicestershire, so it’s best to ensure that you have got a full day that you can dedicate to the logistics of getting there and completing it. However, it’s not just the tick that there is to take advantage of when picking the best roads to drive down. If you are already based in the Midlands, your car insurance quotes unfortunately will reflect a higher price due to the amount of built up area around, but there is a vast amount of countryside within the Midlands, leading up to the Peak District at its northernmost point; the roads around Matlock Bath are some of the most envied around the country, with car enthusiast and bikers alike lining the roads in the summer months to get the most out of their time on brilliant, beautiful roads in some of the most scenic countryside available.

The Best Service

Some of the garages that are within the Midlands have been rated amongst the best in the country. Owing to the fact that it is such a densely populated area, it’s almost a blessing and a curse that there are so many to choose from; it means that there is definitely a high chance of getting a great garage, but it’s knowing where to start searching. Luckily, there’s a guide online. If you can’t get the bottom of a problem that’s bugging you about your car, you can be sure to get a sound piece of advice from one of the many mechanics that call the Midlands their home.

Straight To Point

If you own a car that has originally been manufactured within the Midlands region, chances are that you will be able to find a specific part much more easily there than anywhere else in the country. Visiting the manufacturers and factories themselves can often offer amazing insight into how your car has been made and the workings behind it, meaning that owner knowledge will increase significantly.

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