Minimizing the Impact of Car Accidents in Philadelphia

A car accident can have a serious impact on your life, even if you walk away unharmed. In some cases, the accident itself is just the beginning of a story that can become very long and very annoying by the time it comes to a conclusion. Philadelphia in particular has some intricacies that can make the process even more complicated. You have to be prepared for this, and understand that it can happen to anyone. And while you can’t do anything to give yourself a 100% reassurance that you’ll never find yourself involved in a car accident, there’s definitely a lot you can do to minimize its impact on your life in the long run. 

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Secure Your Statements and Evidence Immediately

The first thing you want to do after making sure that everyone is okay and calling the authorities, is to secure any evidence that might be related to the case, and get statements from any witnesses involved. The police will do that as well, but it can benefit you to talk to witnesses before they’ve even arrived, because human memory tends to be a very fragile thing. You have no guarantee that witnesses are going to remember things as they were even ten minutes from now, especially if they start arguing between themselves.

Get a Lawyer

This is not something you can handle on your own in legal terms. The lawsuits that can follow a car accident are not to be underestimated in complexity. There’s a reason some attorneys specialize in this particular field of law, and put a lot of work into learning it inside and out. You must speak to a car accident lawyer in Philadelphia as soon as possible, and ensure that they are on the same page as you regarding the details of the situation. Get your attorney involved on a deep, fundamental level, and put them in touch with any witnesses you might have gotten the contact details of earlier. 

Be Careful About Discussions with the Other Party

Be very cautious about being approached by the other party in the lawsuit – or approaching them yourself. Anything you say in these circumstances can be used against you later on by a crafty attorney, and sometimes the very reason a person would attempt to contact you in the first place, would be to try and get you to say something that will ruin your chances. Preventing this is as simple as refusing to talk to these people at all until the court has handed down a decision. Even if it makes you seem rude – it’s much better to walk away with a slightly bruised ego than with a court decision against you.

Hopefully you’ll never have to deal with any of this. But if you do, knowing where to start and who to talk to can make a huge difference in your long-term chances. There are many intricate details involved in walking away from a car accident unharmed, both physically as well as legally. And understanding how to navigate this situation before it’s even happened is going to be crucial in surviving it. 

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