Mini Aceman 2024

Mini’s New Aceman Further Accelerates The Brand’s Electrification

If you’re shopping around for a new electric car, and should Mini be on your radar, there’s now a third option, slotting neatly between the new Mini Cooper EV and Mini Countryman EV. Their all-new Aceman is a rather compelling mid-size, electric crossover, offering a modest 252 miles and 192 miles of range… Depending on whether you opt for the SE or E models. Priced at £31,800 and beyond, it’s a very attractive price point for those entering into an EV for the first time. Two battery sizes are available respectively; a 54.2kWh pack and a 42.5kWh unit.

The higher-tier SE model is what you should be looking at if you’re seeking a Mini Aceman that affords higher range and improved performance. Outputting 218hp and 330Nm of torque, it’ll manage a 0-62mph sprint in just 7.1 seconds. Not bad for an electric crossover. Meanwhile, if you don’t need either of those things, their entry-level E model still cranks out a modest 184hp and 290Nm of torque. The latter should manage a 0-62mph sprint in 7.9 seconds. With a new, from-the-ground-up chassis, steering, and suspension set-up, it ought to ride nicely, too.

Mini Aceman 2024

Mini-Sized Practical Runabout

The new Mini Aceman could be recharged with DC fast-charging up to 95kW, and given that it has a comparatively small battery pack, you could top it up in a mere 30 minutes. For those of you wondering where exactly it goes in the Mini EV line-up, size-wise, it’s a great compromise between the Cooper and the Countryman. So, if you need an amply-sized crossover, but if you don’t really need the larger proportions of the Countryman, the Aceman ought to fill that gap. Just like those other two though, the Aceman now carries Mini’s new design language.

Despite how tiny it is, the Aceman still offers a voluminous 300-litre boot capacity, which can be expanded to an impressive 1,005 litres with the rear seats folded down. Mini’s put a lot of effort in maximising interior space as much as they possibly can, ensuring the Aceman could best make use of efficient packaging. Or, to add even more light to the cabin, you can add the optional glass sky roof, which pairs well with the ambient lighting around the roof frame. Elsewhere, the interior of the Mini Aceman looks like a really nice place to spend time in.

Mini Aceman 2024

An Ace Up Your Sleeve

Tech has been one of the focal points of these new Minis, and the Aceman showcases this up front and centre, with a central OLED infotainment display. Pretty much everything you need can be found here, powered by Mini’s latest Operating System 9. Although, if using the touch display isn’t convenient while you’re on the road, Mini’s updated voice assistant can help you out with basic functions like the satnav, phone, or multimedia. All you need to do to activate the voice assistant is say, ‘Hey, Mini’. It has a comprehensive ADAS suite, too.

All around the Mini Aceman, there are 12 ultrasonic sensors and 4 surround-view cameras. It can be used to help you park your Mini a bit easier by identifying empty parking spaces. Then, it could automatically initiate the parking manoeuvres for you. With a bunch more advanced driver aids and safety systems, the Mini Aceman has all the tools it needs to keep you safe on the road. For an entry-level price, Mini’s new Aceman doesn’t feel or seem ‘entry-level’ at all. So, when it comes out later this November, I’m keen to see if that holds true.

Mini Aceman 2024

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