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Modern Classic – CX75 in the flesh!

Motor Verso were lucky enough to attend this years Classic Car Show at the Birmingham NEC this weekend. The show features a range of beautiful cars spanning decades of automotive excellence. However, there is always a nod to the future and one huge nod was the addition of the CX75 Concept on the Jaguar stand.


The CX75 has been doing the rounds since 2010 but with Jag’s ever growing popularity and the success of the recently launched F-Type, the CX75 has been brought to the forefront of what the company stands for and more importantly, what they can produce when they put their mind to it.


The stats speak for themselves on the CX75 but for today, we are more interested in the aesthetics, and what aesthetics they are! The car is simply stunning up close, those long, gliding curves are almost perfectly in proportion that produces a car as easy on the eye as anything you could care to mention. I can’t help but think that it has a hint of GT-40 to it, but that would be like someone say ‘You’re girlfriend has a hint of the Natalie Portman’s to her’ Thank you, I could live with that…


Only 5 of these beauties have been produced, which is a crying-shame. Jaguar doesn’t believe that they will get enough interest to think about scaling the CX75 into full production, which say’s to me that there are some very rich people out there with some very poor taste! While it may not be quite as technologically advanced as a McLaren P1 (even though it really is not far behind! though it is horses for courses) I personally think the CX75 is far better looking than, well, pretty much anything out there…


That said, at least we can look forward to seeing some of those design features, such as the rear light cluster, on future Jag’s such as the F-Type Coupe. It’s clear that Jaguar have a vision for the future and are going to go from strength-to-strength, but at least for now we can sit back and admire what Jaguar can do when they put their minds to it. Look out for more coverage from the show over the next few days.

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