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What Was The Most Popular Car In The Year You Were Born?

This year marks the British made Morris Minor’s 70th anniversary. A lot of people will look back on that car and will have a soft spot for a car that was popular whilst they were growing up.

Complete Cover Group have created an interactive resource that shows us what car was popular in the year you were born. Simply input the year that you were born into the reg plate, hit enter and like magic you will see what was popular when you were born. Can you remember what car that was?

For me, the most popular car was the Ford Escort. What a machine that was, by the time I was old enough to be into cars there were thousands of these models available second hand on the road. The most favourable for me was the RS 1600 that still looks good today, even though they don’t really compete in modern-day performance.

Take a look at the interactive page by the insurance specialist and see what car comes up for you, you might even find yourself on eBay trying to treat yourself to a car to relive those memories.

Jonathan Braithwaite, Associate Director at Complete Cover Group said: “Petrol heads will love this. Every decade has its own memorable events, from royal weddings to big political events, and most people feel an affinity with happenings from the year – or just the decade – of their birth.”

Braithwaite added: “The interactive doesn’t just reveal the cars that were in vogue when a person was born but also offers an insight into how the models have evolved over the years. This creates a complete car story that all different visitors will enjoy.”

If facts and information is more what you’re after, the car insurance specialists have used their expert knowledge of the industry and released their Ultimate Guide to Motoring Convictions and Insurance.

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