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Behind the Scenes Motorsport Vision Racing – Silvertone

I attended the Motorsport Vision Racing meet at Silverstone on the 26th April 2014 to Marshall the circuit.

The event was packed full with cars, and despite the rain it was a great day out. Here are some of the pictures behind the scenes of the event.

Motorsport Vision Racing Club Cars

There was range of cars on the circuit throughout the day including Formula 3 and Formula 4, Ariel Atoms, Lotus Elises & Exiges and loads of VWs. Take a look below at a few of the cars preparing for the event.

MVSR Silversteon-0001 MVSR Silversteon-0003 MVSR Silversteon-0002 MVSR Silversteon-0004MVSR Silversteon-0020Motorsport Vision RacingMVSR Silversteon-0018MVSR Silversteon-0017MVSR Silversteon-0016MVSR Silversteon-0015MVSR Silversteon-0013

Motorsport Vision Racing Club Safety Car – Best Job Ever!

Motorsport Vision Racing have opted for the e92 BMW M3 as a safety car. The M3 got a lot of use during the Lotus Cup UK race on Saturday, because of the huge grid and poor weather, more than 70% of the race was run under the safety car.

MVSR Silversteon-0005 MVSR Silversteon-0012 MVSR Silversteon-0011 MVSR Silversteon-0010 MVSR Silversteon-0009 MVSR Silversteon-0008 MVSR Silversteon-0007 MVSR Silversteon-0006

Car Park Gold – Volvo P 1800 SE

At any motoring event I love a good look around the customer car park for something a bit special. I spotted this classic Volvo, which I believe is a Volvo P 1800 SE. I have never seen a 1800 on the road, let alone one in this good condition, what a beauty!

MVSR Silversteon-0021

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