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Must-have Devices for Bike Owners

Looking for a special gift for your bike? Bicycle accessories such as a cycle computer, a compact pump, and a motorcycle battery charger are the necessary devices, due to which cycling will be safer and more comfortable.

To buy bicycle accessories means to protect yourself from emergencies on the way, to ensure the safety of your life and other road users, so it would be a big mistake to refuse such necessary acquisitions.


Not every cyclist is comfortable looking at a map or smartphone, trying to follow the route. Hands and eyes are constantly busy. But Hammerhead is no longer a problem. This device is synchronized with the smartphone and due to the light indication, it indicates the places when and where you have to turn. With it, you definitely won’t miss your turn.

The gadget is not afraid of rain or snows, it works without charging almost 10 hours, it is simply mounted on the steering wheel and equipped with daylight lights.

Siva Cycle – bicycle portative charger for your gadgets

The principle of work of this gadget is known to everyone since school – inside a regular generator, but with high efficiency, assembled from innovative materials. Which one developers are kept in secret. But the fact remains: in an ultra-compact case there is a very efficient transducer, moreover, it requires an increase in the efforts of the cyclist by only 3% compared to the usual pressure force on the pedals.

The device is mounted on the rear axle, there is enough space, even if you use cycle wings. The battery is removable, so you can recharge as on the go – the USB-connector is mounted under the seat, and in any other place

The gadget is water-resistant and suitable for use in any conditions. The battery designed for 3-4 years of operation and can withstand up to 400 charging cycles.

Monkey Lights

When you put it on the wheels, be sure you have the zip ties and electronic board on the inside of the spokes. Especially on the back wheel. You don’t want to mess with the gear changer. If you ride in very cold weather, about – 29 degrees, and the lights will work! The product is durable, water-resistant, and it has an eye-catching design.


A good bike is expensive. A lock for a bike is a necessary item especially if you have to park it somewhere outside.

The Skylock is made from high-grade steel. Also has some great features such as:

  • the absence of a mechanical key – opens via smartphone o
  • solar cell for recharging – 12 hours of travel during the daytime will provide a charge for 6 months of work,
  • built-in antenna and Bluetooth module – the ability to inform about hacking attempts or traffic incidents,
  • the possibility of recharging via USB-connector.

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