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Must-Have Tools for Motorcycle Maintenance and Repair

Having the right tools makes a job much easier to handle. You wouldn’t butter your toast with a meat cleaver and you wouldn’t carve a turkey using a butter knife. Your motorcycle is no different. If you truly care about your machine, then you’ll need to carry the right tools to fix and maintain it unless you’re willing to take it to a repair shop several times a week and pay ludicrous amounts to fix small issues. Here’s a list of tools that are vital to store in your garage.

Motorcycle Maintenance – Tire Plugs

If you ever have a puncture then you’ll need to replace the tires. Thankfully, if you’re in a pinch then a tire plug can do the job until you get back to your garage or to a repair shop. These are inexpensive, small enough to be stored in your bike, and can go thousands of miles (though not recommended) until it starts to lose pressure. Excellent tool and invaluable for any motorcycle owner.

Bike Lift

When performing repairs on your bike, the last thing you want to do is hurt your back or suffer injuries because you’re bending over to reach broken bits on your bike. The most common way to remedy this problem is to get a jack lift. With a proper lift, you’ll be able to reach the underside of your bike and the lower parts with ease and without bending over. It’s also a great way to store your bike because it lifts the tires off the ground. Check here for more information on bike lifts.

Regular Toolbox

Of course, you’re going to need some tools to get the job done easily as well. The larger the toolbox, the more gear you’ll have to use and the more replacements you’ll get in case something breaks. A standard tool kit should have the regular Phillips screwdrivers, wrenches and spanners. Higher quality tools are usually preferred because you don’t want to work on your expensive bike with cheap tools that could damage your bike. Electronically powered tools are also a good addition to your toolbox.

Pressure Gauge

Tire pressure is critical in a motorcycle—especially because there are only two wheels! Make it a habit of checking your tire pressure before you ride your motorcycle so that you’ll never be stuck with a low pressured tire again. It’ll make your ride smoother, your tires will last longer and you’ll have fewer issues. You can buy relatively cheap tire pressure gauges, but you can also get digital ones that show slightly more information, are more compact and still relatively cheap.

Front/Rear Stands

Working on bike parts is much easier when your bike is steady and elevated slightly. A kickstand is useful if you’re working on just the right side of the bike, but since it’s leaning towards the ground it’s difficult to work on the other side. A bike stand needs to be sturdy and tough, and there are hundreds of different varieties. Not only are these great maintenance tools, but you can also use them to keep a bike steady in the back of a truck if you need to transport it.

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    Great list Paul! Also, I think it’s vital to make sure that your tools are in good condition so you can do any maintenance whenever you need. Thanks for the advice and explaining what you may need to be able to maintain a motorcycle.

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