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MyCarCheck: The Online Vehicle Database Review – DVLA

The online vehicle database, My Car Check, has come to the rescue of pre-owned vehicle buyers. By providing the buyer with an extensive collection of data regarding the history of the vehicle and from a wide variety of sources, we can now make fully informed decisions when buying a pre-owned vehicle.

The Dangers Of Pre-Owned Vehicles MyCarCheck

When buying a pre-owned vehicle there is always the danger of the unknown. Even if the car is looked over professionally before you buy, this does not unearth the legal issues it could have had in the past. You can hope that all the documentation for the car has been kept diligently over the years as it has changed hands, but this is not always the case.

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MyCarCheck – What Does This Mean For You?

This problem this poses for the buyer is the possibility of buying a car with a hidden history: previously stolen, financial issues, write-off, false mileage and more. When 30% of cars in the UK have one or more of these problems then the logic of checking the vehicle before you buy is undeniable.

The Solution: MyCarCheck

The logical answer is to use the online database My Car Check, a fast and easy process that is able to provide a full and extensive history check on the vehicle, depending on the tier of service you choose. By using My Car Check, the UK’s Number 1 consumer car checker you, the buyer, can regain control of the vehicle you are planning on buying. The site provides thorough details of the history of the vehicle. You receive a vehicle’s full history, including data from the police, DVLA, finance and insurance firms.

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What Does My Car Check Involve?

The process is simple. You simply input the registration of the car into the My Car Check search box and the site will confirm if they have information on the database concerning the vehicle, even before a payment is made. Once you are satisfied that My Car Check has information on your prospective vehicle you can go ahead and select the tier of service you would prefer.

The choices available are clearly communicated. You can choose from 3 tiers of service: Classic, Gold or Platinum.

Classic gives the basic vehicle information, along with a write-off and stolen check for £1.99.

Gold includes the information given in the Classic option, plus a finance check, mileage, valuation and all key checks for £9.95.

Platinum is an extensive package, including all from the Classic and Gold selections plus a full and complete search of all information available concerning the car for £14.95 for 1 or £19.95 for 4.

My Car Check Packages and Prices

Once you have completed the payment for the selected service you have the option to bookmark the page should you need to come back to the form within the month and reread. If you want unlimited access to your checks then you can also register with My Car Check at any point.

Recommending MyCarCheck

As a consistent pre-owned car buyer, I would recommend using this My Car Check service. The payment choices are varied, as are the coverage options of the vehicle check. The databases are extensive and cover all the areas I would want to investigate about a prospective vehicle. I can rest at ease in knowing that I have all the information available to me about my new vehicle.

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