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The N-Largo S Ferrari F12 Berlinetta With 781 bhp

If you had bag loads of cash and you were searching around to find your next V12 Ferrari. You may be disappointed that even as exclusive as Ferrari’s come there is still plenty of them around on the roads today. For the people looking for something a bit more unique, you have to start looking elsewhere. Queue the Novitec Rosso N-Largo S.

N-Largo S Performance Figures

Novitec Rosso has created 11 bespoke Ferrari F12 Berlinettas that have been hugely modified with lots of carbon fibre. They have named the car the N-Largo S. The performance of the car has been pushed up to 781 bhp with new fuel mapping, plus a performance quad exhaust system. This means that the 0-60 mph time is now as fast as they come, sitting at around 3 seconds flat and will reach 217 mph at its top end.

Custom Styling Touches

It is the new bodywork that you will notice the most. The development of the kit was done in association with designer Vittorio Strosek, looking to take the F12 to the extreme. Looking at the front of the car the front lower splitter has been redeveloped to improve downforce and cooling and the bumper has been made bolder and wider. At the back, the rear arches now sit 14 cm wider and with tweaks to the suspension the entire car sits 4 cm lower to the ground (like it wasn’t low enough already?). Last up on the styling sheet is a bespoke set of NF6 NL wheels. These are huge 21 inch wheels at the front and 22 inch wheels at the back. In typical Ferrari style they are wrapped in the Pirelli P-Zeroes tyres to maximise grip

Only 11 Made

So if the above has wet your whistle you best be looking to buy fast, as special edition Ferrari don’t last long and there is only 11 that will ever be made. Take a look at the rest of the glorious pictures below and let me know what you think in the comments.

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