Nano Wheel Sealant Review – Protecting Your Wheels

Tyres and the insides of wheel arches are usually not included in the list of things that make cars aesthetically pleasing but they can have a significant effect on the overall appearance of your car. The wheel arches are quite prone to damage as well.

Another area that is visually appealing but can be a real headache to clean and maintain are the wheels themselves. Today we will look at solutions to all of these. We have an Audi R8 that we want to restore to its former glory and that makes it the perfect testbed for a few cleaning and maintenance products.

Cleaning The Arches

The wheel arches are an area in most cars that are typically hidden away from sight. So most people don’t know how dirty they can get. The tyres constantly pick up dirt and grime off of the road and some of this is flung onto the arches where it can cause damage to the bodywork if it isn’t cleaned regularly. The problem though is that this is easier said than done and these can be some of the most stubborn types of dirt and grime. Thankfully, there is something known as TFR or Traffic Film Remover specifically meant for such a cleaning requirement.

TFR – Traffic Film Remover

TFR is a solution meant to loosen up stubborn spots of dirt and grime so that they can be cleaned away easily. Using it is quite straightforward. After mixing the concentrate with water simply spray the arches and wait for about 5 minutes.

Then wipe the arches with a rag or nylon brush. Repeat this procedure if needed. It is also a good idea to wear protective eyewear and gloves. Using this method, I was able to get the arches of the R8 quite clean. If your arches are a lot dirty also consider using a jet wash to assist.

Dressing the Trim – Kenotek Tyre & Plastic Gloss

Once the trim is clean, we want to dress the plastic to make it look blacker and to ensure that future cleaning will be easier and that is where the Kenotek Tyre & Plastic Gloss comes in. It creates a protective layer that is slippery so fewer dirt particles will be able to cling on to it and those that manage to do so will be easy to clean.

Using the Kenotek Tyre & Plastic Gloss is quite easy as well. Simply spray the stuff on to the surface. Wait a few minutes until it is partly dry and then wipe with a clean piece of cloth or brush. Within minutes I was able to get the arches of the Audi R8 looking as if they were new.Cleaning The Wheels

This was perhaps the most straightforward part of the entire operation. I cleaned the wheels with some soap and water. I had to do this a couple of times to get an acceptable result before applying some protection.

Sealing The Wheels – Nano Wheel Sealant

The cleaning of the wheels while straightforward was a bit tedious and that highlights the need for a product like the Race Glaze Nano Wheel Sealant. The wheels of a car, especially if it is fitted to a performance car like the Audi R8 is constantly bombarded by particles from the brake disks and this can cause pitting which can have a very detrimental effect on the wheels from a visual standpoint.

The Nano Wheel Sealant creates a barrier between the wheels and the brake dust protecting it and making it easier to clean in the future. Applying the Nano Wheel Sealant is as simple as spray the product on to the clean wheel, working in with a clean microfiber cloth and buffing off with another clean cloth. Simple.

Nano Wheel Sealant Review Results

The wheels look brand-spanking new thanks to the Race Glaze Nano Wheel Sealant

These products really work and I highly recommend using them if you love your car.

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