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Do You Need a Bespoke Cover for Your Trailer?

If you have a trailer that you tow along behind your car or truck on a regular basis – maybe you like to go camping a lot, or maybe you make regular deliveries – then you’ll probably need a cover for it.

You need a cover not only to protect your stock or belongings from rain and other bad weather, but it also prevents them from falling out of the trailer and ending up all over the road. A sturdy cover is also a great deterrent to opportunistic thieves, as it may take them a few minutes to work out how to get through it. Whatever your needs are, you should think about them before you order your trailer covers from Cunningham Covers so you get it right first time.

What you need to consider

Work out if you need a waterproof cover; whether it needs to be tear-resistant, if you need one that’s lockable, or whether ratchet straps or bungee cords will suffice. You also need to work out the dimensions, and if necessary, order a cover that has a metal frame so it offers you more space if sometimes you’re carrying larger or oddly-shaped loads.

Taking the measurements for your trailer cover

Many cover manufacturers have extensive ranges that will fit almost all sizes and models of trailers. While this makes life easier for most drivers, some of us need something a bit different, a bit less regular. This is where Cunningham’s custom-made service comes in to save the day.

To start with, you’ll need to use a tape measure to take the dimensions of your trailer so that the sides will end up fitting snugly and securely. You’ll need the length and the width, obviously, and if your trailer is a flatbed type it’s really easy. For higher-sided trailers you must take the height into account as well so your cover is long enough and it’s not too tight.

Then, if you have specific needs, think about them. For example, if you make wooden carvings for a living and deliver them to garden centres, how tall are the tallest ones? For this, you may need a triangular cover that’s held up by a metal frame – maybe even an adjustable one.

Remember to keep it simple. One of the best things about a trailer cover is that it eliminates all the turbulence and wind resistance that you’d get with a loaded trailer, so the simpler the design, the cheaper each delivery run will be!

Choosing the right fabric

Ideally, at the very least you’ll want a tough, rip-resistant fabric for your trailer cover. You might also need a material that has a particular property as well, such as strong UV resistance, or one that’s resistance to salt, or highly waterproof.

Easy access

You also need to think about getting access to your loads. If you need to get regular access to your cargo on your way round the garden centres, then zipper openings are a good idea. There’s also, if your loads are particularly valuable, hard covers that can have customised lock and bolt systems.

Whichever design you choose, it needs to fit well and be secure once everything’s in place – talk to the team at Cunningham’s to make sure your design fits the bill, then you can drive off, safe in the knowledge that your cargo is right behind you.

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