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Why You Need A Dash Cam In 2017 – Transcend

From having fun as a YouTube star, to working as evidence if accidents happen — there are plenty of benefits to having a dash cam. Here are some reasons why you should consider installing one in your car this year.

How Does A Dash Cam Work?

Before going any further, a dash cam is a camera that goes onboard a vehicle, mounted on the dashboard or the windshield. The cam records everything  in front of it for as long as you are driving. That gives you the opportunity to capture amazing and unexpected events that happens in daily life.  Your whole road trip would be recorded, and you could even become a video blogger on social media. Many drivers all over the world post video logs of their daily traffic life, on Youtube, entertaining people and even earning money.

A Dash Cam Could Improve Your Insurance Premium

So many motorists struggle to prove an accident wasn’t their fault, and this results in ”your word against mine” arguments. Therefore, a great solution would be installing this device on your car, to both save money on insurance and to prove who’s wrong when a collision happens.

For this reason, many motorists from the UK have started to install dash cams, just like drivers in Russia. Over there, dash cams help to knock down false accusations from people who throw themselves in front of moving cars. There is a law in the country that obligates the driver to pay for damages, whether it’s their fault or not. Also, it prevents corrupted policemen from bribing them if pulled over for any reason.

A Dash Cam Captures The Truth

Whilst driving in the UK may not be as crazy as driving in Russia, there are still plenty of other instances where a dash cam could come in handy. For one, you have video evidence to appeal against unfair traffic tickets. It’s not very easy to get out of a ticket for a traffic law you didn’t break. 

Also, you could catch reckless drivers acting up, and easily report them by sending the video to authorities. This would help to ban drunk drivers from UK roads, and the same could happen to people who text and drive, putting innocent lives in danger. Illegal drag racers would be in trouble too.

Taxi drivers can benefit from having a dashboard camera as well. This could work to avoid bad customer behaviour for example. If you own a delivery company,  you will know if the driver is doing a bad job or driving recklessly. And if you are a worrying parent, a dash cam will be an eye witness of what your child or teenager might be doing wrong.

On a lighter note, you could use a dash cam to capture great moments on a road trip with your family for sure. You could even go viral on the internet!

A Dash Cam Is A Great Investment

As shown above, there are many more reasons why you need a dash cam. In the long run,  having this nifty device onboard is a great investment: for your safety, enjoyment, and to save money. Also, most of the cameras today can connect with your iOS and Android phone through WIFI. Not to mention that they are small, which won’t compromise your visibility, and have impact sensors. You can capture the events in full HD with audio. Make sure you get one with GPS, and a good warranty.  All things considered, dash cams are available from Transcend at a low price online.

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