Neutralise Coronavirus Particles In Your Car With Medklinn’s Autoplus

The UK is in the midst of easing its lockdown rules. This comes with it both a sense of relief and equal dread. Although we’d all love to return to our ordinary lives as quickly as possible, there’s still the lingering Covid-19 virus hanging around. As such, it would be wise for everyone, including keen drivers wanting to get back on the road again, to remain vigilant. Thankfully, Medklinn has your back (and your entire) body covered.

All the way in Japan, scientists from the Fujita Health University have found a way to neutralize those nasty coronavirus particles without harming humans. They say that low concentrations of ozone gasses – around 0.05 to 1.0 parts per million (ppm) – could be the answer. Not only would this work in healthcare-focused settings such as waiting areas or examination rooms, but also your car. Best of all, it could sterilize the air and touch surfaces without a single drop of chemicals.

Medklinn Comes To The UK

Now, this ground-breaking (and potentially life-saving) tech is reaching UK shores. In comes Medklinn International. Their research and development involve negative ionization and ozone in sterilization. Although long having provided this air and surface sterilization in Asia, the United States, Canada, Australia, and Germany; they’ll now be coming to Old Blighty. Speaking on this exciting venture, the Brand Manager of Medklinn UK, Steve Jones, said;

“We’re really excited to be launching Medklinn UK. Our products will be particularly useful to motorists, as we make gradual steps towards easing restrictions and reopening the UK following the lockdowns over the past 12 months.”

Before ozone sterilization, Medklinn had a long history of creating environmentally-friendly and chemical-free healthcare technologies. Medklinn was the creator of Cerafusion, an air sterilization system that reduces the need for chemical cleaning products. As to how it works by neutralizing Covid-19 particles in your car, you simply plug it into your cigarette lighter. Once that’s powered on, Medklinn’s Autoplus works similar to an air purifier, and will start cleaning the air.

Low-maintenance, chemical-free, and eco-friendly sterilization

It’s very low maintenance too, with the Cerafusion cartridge needing a replacement only once every year or so. No worries about cleaning it whatsoever. You can buy Medklinn’s Autoplus for RRP £150. Optionally, there’s also a £45 dock if your car doesn’t have a cigarette lighter, so you could power the Autoplus via USB. Apart from Coronavirus, the Autoplus also works well against a few other nasty particles that you definitely don’t want hanging around;

  • Being able to kill 99.9% of harmful micro-organisms like bacteria, viruses, mold, or fungi by destroying their RNA and DNA structure.
  • Eliminate volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including those with adverse health effects.
  • Neutralize allergenic organic compounds such as pet dander and protein in the feces of dust mites, which can cause allergies.

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