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The New 2017 Nissan GT-R vs The 2007 GT-R


In 2007, Japanese manufacturer Nissan unleashed the high-performance Nissan GT-R – the successor to the legendary Skyline GT-R. This vehicle took the industry by storm with its sporty style and blistering performance. Fast forward to 2017 and the new Nissan GT-R has been updated and revised – so, this big question is how does it stack up against the original?

A Grown-Up GT-R

Nissan have made a few tweaks and adjustments to the GT-R over the years, but never has it been revised as much as this current update. Ultimately, these changes have been implemented to give the automobile a more mature feel without compromising on the legendary performance.


That is not to say that adjustments to the power haven’t been made, however. In fact, it boasts 20 additional hp and 4 additional lb-ft of torque from the 3.8litre twin-turbo V6 engine. Although there is more horsepower, Nissan have shown that they are opting for a more civilised car as it is quieter (although still features the trademark engine roar) and more comfortable – an area that was considered a weak point of the 2007 model.


The interior is where this comfort comes from and is, perhaps, where the changes are most notable. The entire dashboard has been reworked to reduce the button count for a cleaner look, which is emphasised with the use of lighter materials. The seats are also much more forgiving for a more enjoyable drive.


The differences are difficult to spot unless you know what you are looking for, but the 2017 model has been given a wider main air intake with redesigned mesh pattern and a signature V-motion grille beneath the badge. It also features a new hood, a higher beltline and generally a tighter body structure to improve aerodynamics. Fans of the 2007 model will be glad to hear that it retains a lot of the same design and character, but it does look and feel a lot more refined and mature than its predecessor.

Finding Affordable Models

The GT-R has always been known for its large price tag as a supercar, which is why it is best to look for a used car dealer in your local area – used Nissan Leicester, for example.

Overall, the GT-R appears to have grown up a lot with the 2017 update, but it retains much of the charm, style and – most importantly – the incredible performance of the original 2007 model.

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