New BMW M4 CS Brings Track Performance To Public Roads

BMW’s track record for bringing motorsports-proven to public roads remains unmatched in its class, and the new M4 CS ups the ante for BMW M fans. The notable highlight, of course, is its 3.0-litre inline-6 turbocharged engine, now with an increased output of up to 550hp. That’s a pretty sizeable 20hp increase over the M4 Competition, and with peak torque at 650Nm. That should be good for a 0-62mph dash in just 3.4 seconds, while a 0-124mph sprint is done in a mere 11.1 seconds. It’s genuinely impressive what BMW’s been able to do with the all-new M4 CS.

As you might imagine, a huge amount of under-the-hood tuning had to be done to get it there. Crack it open, and the new BMW M4 CS’s six-banger features a forged lightweight crankshaft, as well as weight-saving cylinder bores. In addition, some parts of the cylinder head are also 3D-printed. The end result is a high-revving, high-response six-cylinder, boosted by twin turbos. Of course, when you pair that with a lightning-fast 8-speed transmission, an intelligent xDrive all-wheel drive system, and an active differential, it’s the ideal recipe for a road-going track car.


Lightweight Chassis, Lightning-Fast Engine

A lot of power alone won’t be enough to contain the BMW M4 CS, so they’ve made a bunch of changes below the belt. The M4 CS now features bespoke camber settings, dampers, anti-roll bars, and springs. That should help to sharpen its steering and suspension response, helped by BMW’s magic electronically-controlled adaptive dampers. Dynamically, the M4 CS ought to be the sharpest knife in BMW’s drawer of track-ready performance cars. And, to make sure your M4 CS stops on a dime, you could optionally spec some lightweight carbon ceramic brakes.

For improved traction and that precision steering feel, the new BMW M4 CS comes with a set of lightweight wheels. In particular, 19-inch at the front, 20-inch at the rear, wrapped with the best track rubber in the business; Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2. Or, if that’s not enough for you, a set of Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R tyres could also be optioned. Oh, and it wouldn’t be a BMW M car if there wasn’t at least a bit of carbon fibre. On the M4 CS, the roof, bonnet, air intakes, front splitter, mirror caps, rear diffuser, rear spoiler, and more are all made from CFRP.


Track-Ready Luxury And Comfort

While I bet the new BMW M4 CS could easily rip up any track, it’s a BMW at the end of the day, so you can expect some creature comforts. When all those G-forces try to break your back, the supportive carbon-fibre bucket seats should work to keep you in place. Alcantara aplenty is the staple of the M4 CS’s cabin, and a bunch of carbon fibre bits and pieces. BMW is bound to spec the M4 CS with the brand’s newest iDrive system, paired with a 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster, and a 14.9-inch infotainment system. There are a tonne of BMW M-specific readouts, as well.

There’s a lap timer, your numerous traction control options, many drive modes to pick from, as well as a drift analyser, and an M-specific heads-up display. As a whole, the M4 CS does sound like it’d be an awesome track day companion and road racer. For the lucky few of you, the M4 CS order books will open in late May 2024 for UK customers, retailing from £117,100. It’s not a long wait till you get your hands on one either, with the first deliveries of the BMW M4 CS set for an Autumn 2024 delivery. Just make sure you keep your exuberance in check for this one.


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