The Kia EV3 Raises the Bar for Compact Electric SUVs

Kia has been in good form recently, especially with its electric cars. The EV6 and EV9 have been well-received and have established the Korean brand as one to watch in the EV sphere. The Kia EV3 has been highly anticipated, as Kia’s junior EV offers a lower price, while not skimping on any of the important features that made Kia’s previous electric SUVs so good. Kia has seemingly risen to this challenge, using technology seen in their flagship EV9.

Bringing a Concept to Reality

The Kia EV3 hasn’t changed much since the concept phase, and this has resulted in a bold design. In line with the EV9, thin headlights feature and are joined by a thin black strip. The lower bumper is covered in black trim, contributing to a menacing, but sleek, look. The use of black trim on the lower half of the car and above the wheel arches helps the crossover to appear chunky and strong, like its older sibling, the EV9. The slightly sloped roofline adds a touch of agility to a car that is seemingly trying to emulate the behemoth that is the EV9. The rear is simple and in line with most of Kia’s other SUVs. Black trim is again used at the bottom, portraying the EV3 as sturdy and serious. All in all, the EV3’s design is best described as a scaled-down version of the EV9, although this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Kia EV3

Slick Inside and Out

The EV3’s interior may not be as swish as Kia’s other EVs, but that’s not a problem. The inside of the EV3 is still good looking, and most importantly, is focused on comfort. The cabin isn’t too busy, with some physical buttons remaining, but it’s dominated by a nearly 30-inch touchscreen. However, the touchscreen is responsible for the climate control settings, something that is frustratingly common on new cars. The rest of the interior is focused on feeling homely and being sustainable. Recycled fabric is used on the dashboard and door trims, while recycled plastic can be found throughout. The centre console features a storage area, as well as a sliding table. The interior doesn’t stand out in a world of minimalist decor but still looks considered and intuitive.

Kia EV3

The Space Race

The ‘compact’ SUV segment is no longer truly compact, and at 4.3 metres long, the EV3 is not exactly short. Compact or not, the EV3 has impressive storage space. A combined 485-litre capacity is more than enough for the average family and 1250 litres with the rear seats folded down will swallow almost anything you could want it to. Rear passengers won’t suffer from a cramped rear seat either, with plenty of headroom and legroom – something that can be a problem in smaller cars.

Kia EV3

A Class-leading Powertrain

EV3 buyers will have the choice of a 58.3kWh battery or the long-range 81.4kWh battery. Both use a 283Nm electric motor, which allows 0-62 mph times of 7.5 seconds. Most importantly, the Kia EV3 offers fantastic EV practicality figures. A range of up to 372 miles is up there with some of the best, whilst charging from 10% to 80% can take as little as 31 minutes. Despite the EV3’s size, buyers won’t miss out on a fantastic range and fast charging.

Boredom-busting Technology

Kia has given its new EV a suite of technology. Their streaming service will keep the kids entertained, as will the arcade games. The Harman Kardon sound system provides an immersive experience for the passengers, no matter what you’re watching or playing. A unique feature is the NBA themes available, which showcase the team’s colours on the infotainment system. Kia’s AI assistant will make its electric debut in the EV3, although its presence will likely be ignored by many.

‘A Moving Power’

This is the slogan for Kia’s upcoming campaign activities and is said to represent the company’s commitment to innovation and widening its range. The EV3 brings the Korean manufacturer’s push for sustainability and convenience to an even wider audience and based on the success of the EV6, will likely succeed in converting more people to the electric way of life. The EV3 will go on sale in Europe in the second half of this year, and expect them to become a familiar site in the not-too-distant future.

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