The New Top Gear Lineup Revealed

Three Journalists, a Racing Driver, an Actor and a Radio Host walk into a Bar

Whilst we already knew about Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc presenting the new format for Top Gear, the rest of the cast has finally been revealed to the public, and is as follows.

Rory Reid – The Dark Horse

Rory Reid is probably one of the few on the new presenter list that nobody will have ever heard of, he describes himself as a cross between Jeremy Clarkson and Idris Elba, and if you ever watch one of his YouTube videos you can see why. Reid appears to be a ‘love him or hate him’ kind of guy and is most likely to cause offense to viewers. Whilst the show will certainly make him known if he does cause a Clarkson-esque outrage, the BBC will most definitely fire him as he doesn’t bring anything more to the show other than himself.

Sabine Schmitz – The Girl

Top Gear fans will likely already know Sabine, as she appeared on Top Gear three times prior to presenting. She took a S-Type Diesel round the Nurburgring, a Transit van round the Nurburgring and appeared in the England Vs Germany contest. Many have been calling her the token girl on the show, which frankly annoys the hell out of me. Sabine has proved time and time again that she can hang with the boys and even beat them, so why would anyone question her inclusion.

Eddie Jordan – The Formula 1 One

Eddie Jordan is best known for his time in Formula One, along with presenting the BBC coverage in a number of questionable shirts. Jordan prior to being a team boss was in fact a driver, so has the skills required to present. Jordan also has an air of respectability surrounding him; he is popular with the fans and is known to speak his mind on anything, no matter the controversy. Certainly a great addition to the team.

Chris Harris – The Journalist

Other than Rory Reid, Chris Harris is the only one with a motoring journalism background. He has worked for Autocar, Evo, Jalopnik and many more. Harris is one of the most respected motoring journalists out there today, he is entertaining, informative and most importantly knows what he’s talking about. Chris Harris hasn’t been seen on the small screen yet, so hasn’t got the widespread popularity, but hopefully Top Gear can show his talent off well.

Matt LeBlanc – “How you doing?”

The Friends actor is a well know car guy and can drive well. Just look at his lap in the reasonably priced car, with a time of 1m42.1 his time in the Kia Cee’d has never been beaten. Matt LeBlanc is most definitely the best known out of the new presenters and this will bring in those who aren’t fans of cars. However, at this time we have no real idea what in depth knowledge he has about cars, he may just be a Hollywood car guy, drives fast but doesn’t really know what he’s doing.

Chris Evans – The Main Guy

Chris Evans is the one who brought it all back, but so far the news stories aren’t painting him in a good picture. Crashing on his first time on the track, throwing up out of the car, not being able to talk while driving. None of these things are good but, as James May thinks, these may be scare stories to throw the press and the public off. What with members of the production team quitting and BBC sticking their nose in everything the news isn’t good. Chris Evans has put his career on the line with Top Gear. He may be the one who breathed new life into the show, but he may also be the one to ruin its legacy.

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