Nissan All-New Qashqai Breaks Cover & Is Packed With Features

Love them or loathe them on paper it seems to be a goodie. The Nissan Qashqai is not just a nightmare for a dyslexic to spell it’s also every other a car manufacturers nightmare too. Over the last 3 years, 5 million units have been sold worldwide, 3 million of them being flogged in Europe alone.  The second-generation Qashqai broke a UK record of being the fastest UK-produced vehicle to reach the landmark of over 500,000 units produced. Next year Nissan are to release the all-new Qashqai to elevate the bar again and set the standard in the segment with striking design, comfort and usability.

Nissan have been busy testing the all-new model racking up thousands of miles on European roads. They are hoping the new driving experience will satisfy drivers and passengers alike with incorporating some great technology and a state of the art automotive structural changes.

The size of the car is one of the most appealing fragments the current car has to offer. Nissan has noticed this as just-right and keys in its success, meaning it comfortably navigates urban roads and fits comfortable in parking spaces while also giving excellent interiors space.

“Building on its reputation as a refined and cossetting drive, but nevertheless, enjoyable when the road turns twisty.”

Lightweight Treatment

An array of body panels are getting lightweight treatment. Doors, fenders and the bonnet are getting built of aluminium saving a total of 21kg. However, the overall body weight is down by 60kg and is up to 60% stiffer. This is all in the look of safety and fuel economy. Not only that but it will also spruce up the handling. Although, I don’t think that will be in the forefront of the market audiences lists of demands.

The new handling design is set to offer a rewarding and engaging driving experience. Nissan has commented “building on its reputation as a refined drive, but nevertheless, enjoyable when the road turns twisty.” Take of that what you like, but I’ve never heard the words Qashqai and phrase enjoyable when the road gets twisty together in the same sentence from a driving enthusiast, but you get what they mean.

You can choose to spec the car with all sort of arrangements. If you tick the box stating 4-wheel drive and 19-inch wheels it also comes equipped with an advance multi-link set up. The rear suspension has been designed as the best in segment balance between ride comfort and dynamic response.

e-POWER Electric Motor

One clever part of the engineering is situated under the bonnet. The new Qashqai stands within the wider Nissan electrification strategy and will offer customers two powertrain solutions – a flexible and efficient 1.3-litre petrol engine with mild-hybrid technology, while Nissan’s innovative e-POWER electric motor driven system will bring the exciting instant and linear acceleration EV feeling to the Qashqai, without the range concerns.


Nissan has also upgraded the ProPILOT which keeps the car in lane on the motorway, adaptive cruise control which can bring the car to a stop. I think this could be very useful on most days when driving around London in the stop-start traffic. I have also been ensured that it can read road signs and drop the speed down or up to the speed limit when appropriate. It even has safety in notifying you if there is another car in your blind spot. I reckon that, that car in your blind spot will end up being another Qashqai as they have sold some many of these.

With the way Nissan has developed the car, I will not be surprised if they sell another 5 Million.

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