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New Nürburgring Record Holder – The Porsche 918 Spyder

It’s been a good year for the motoring industry this year, lots of manufacture birthdays, lots of new cars and lots great events.

But the single thing that I can’t get over is the Porsche 918 Spyder.The cars looks like nothing else on the road, it’s a new generation of Porsche and the technology in this hybrid super car ar is ridiculous.

Whilst many people are focused on the Frankfurt motor show at the moment, our friends in Porsche snuck out the back and off around the Nürburgring to push the boundaries of the mighty 918. I’m proud to say that the Porsche 918 smashed it on the track. On the 4th September 2013 a team of 3 drivers (Walter Röhrl, Timo Kluck and Marc Lieb) attempted to set the lap record around the infamous circuit.

They did it… 6:57. Porsche now own the production car lap record. Good work. Somehow they managed to average 111mph around the track to achieve this record.

The previous owner of the record for the last two years was the Dodge Viper ACR. The 918 Spyder succeed that record by 4 seconds. Other runners up include the Gumpert Apollo, and just behind the Radical SR8 which is basically a race car with a tax disk.

Congratulations to the guys at Porsche for breaking the record, my only thoughts are, will McLaren be coming after this spot next. Only time will tell.

Take a look the footage of the record breaking lap below.

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