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The Off Road Read Up – Take Spare Parts

If you’re going off road as part of an adventure holiday or just for fun then there are many things you need to bear in mind. Of course, you need the right type of vehicle, with the added luxuries inside to make sure any long haul trips are bareable. But there are other things you need to consider before embarking upon your journey.


Depending on where you are going you need to ensure you have the right tyres. If you’re going up steep hills and mountains you need to make sure you have high grip tyres, or if you’re going somewhere that is incredibly snowy and icy you way want to attach tyre chains, or at least take them with you so you can attach them if need be. Think of them as your car’s shoes, if they are unsuited to where you are going they can make your trip miserable. Of course you need to bear in mind the type of vehicle you’re taking, a truck can take more spares than a 4×4 so you can afford to take more risks on the terrain and with your tyres, there are many more truck accessories you can consider which can help you make the most of your trip.


You need maps and information, otherwise you could end up getting lost or driving over a cliff or into a crevasse. You need to know what kind of terrain to expect and exactly where you are going. Don’t just drive blind into the first woodland you see. You need to know how long you’ll be out there, and as a result how much extra petrol to take. On that note, always take more than you think you’ll need. Research also includes the weather, if you’re going somewhere that can get quite muddy then you need to check for incoming rain, the rain will churn up the ground turning it into a bog and making it easy for your vehicle to get stuck. Planning leads to success, so don’t get caught out.

Take Spare Parts

Anything can happen out there. If you go camping, your car’s battery can go dead, leaving you stranded. So take a jump pack just incase. You should also take some of the basic 4WD parts. Don’t forget tools either, you’ll need a socket wrench to change spark plugs properly for example. Take puncture kits too and a jack, it has been known for spare tyres themselves to burst or puncture, so you want to be prepared for every eventuality.

Make Sure You Have Contact

Having contact with those back home and the emergency services is paramount if you are going into the unknown. The place you’re going may have phone signal, but check on this first otherwise you could be left in a bad situation. If it doesn’t have signal consider taking a satellite phone, which can pretty much phone out from anywhere in the world.

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