Old School Restaurant and Rooms Review

The NC500 took us to some remote locations especially in the northern part of the Highlands and while the drive through this part of the NC500 was incredible, finding a good place to make a stop was always on the back of our minds. A nice place was paramount to ensure that we were well rested and enthusiastic for the remaining leg of the NC500.

That is how we came across the Old School Restaurant and Rooms. As the name itself suggests, this was an old school type of resthouse that didn’t have the bells and whistles of a hotel but was still very nice and the informal nature of this little B&B was what we needed at this point in our trip.

Old School Restaurant and Rooms

At first glance, the Old School Restaurant and Rooms looks like a regular house out in Highlands. We parked our Touareg right off the road which wasn’t much trouble due to the very sparse traffic.

Apart from a sign that displays the name of this establishment proudly, it felt like we had pulled up to the house of an old friend. We weren’t expecting much in such a remote part of Scotland but the Old School would have been more than adequate even if it wasn’t in such a remote location which made it rather luxurious.

From the outside, it looks like a house, but it genuinely did use to be a school until 1970. You can tell it has been maintained well. It didn’t have gardens or lawns attached to it but was surrounded by some of the most breathtaking views which more than made up for anything the Old School seemed to lack which as we soon found out was next to nothing.

Mind-Blowing Views

There aren’t too many places to stop and rest up in this part of the Highlands. We were lucky enough to get a room facing the loch. To say the views were breathtaking would be an understatement. To enjoy it from the comfort of your room was a whole different experience.

The sunrise and sunset were especially magical and to be able to enjoy them without the worries associated with driving was a real pleasure. The scenery surrounding the place was a combination of many of nature’s handiworks including spectacular views of one of the greatest wilderness on earth. This place has so much to offer than just being a pit-stop for those on the NC500 route. Nature-lovers will especially appreciate the Old School.

Comfortable and Soothing rooms

The views from the room definitely had us hooked for quite some time and it was only later that we started to notice the rest of our accommodation. The rooms were quite well-equipped and comfortable. Everything was refurbished without spoiling the character of the place. The bed was comfortable and the dark blinds allowed us to catch a few winks of sleep during the daytime without the bright sunlight keeping us awake. We especially fell in love with the rest of the furniture. Dark leather dominates the living area and it just exudes class and that old-school charm. Those chairs were quite comfortable too.

The rooms had a television and all the supplies you would need to make the stay comfortable and trouble-free. The place has a no-pet policy though and that is something you have to keep in mind if you plan to travel with your furry friend.

Well Stocked Restaurant and Bar

We have been on plenty of long trips to know that the remoter a place gets, the more accepting you have to be of the food. Thankfully, the Old School did not put us through any of that. We were treated to one of the best breakfasts of our trip at the Old School Restaurant.

The in-house restaurant wasn’t just a functional place offering food to weary travellers, it actually allowed us to sample some of the delicacies of this region in its truest form.

The restaurant while not being massive made intelligent use of the space available. The dark leather theme continued here giving it a very classy look.

The bar was also surprisingly well-stocked with some of the best Scottish drinks including different types of gins and whiskies. Our hosts were very gracious and ensured that our stay was as enjoyable, comfortable and hassle-free as it could be in a place like the northern part of the Highlands.

If you are an out of towner and want to experience the charms of a country-side bar and restaurant in Scotland then the Old School is a place you must definitely make a stop at.

A Morning Walk For The Ages

Taking a walk around the local area, just a few minutes in and I was greeted by the unabashed beauty of the Highlands. It wasn’t gentle like many of the natural spots around the world. It is somewhat brutish and rough in appearance but therein lies its charm. If you are a fan of period pieces then this place will feel like a meticulously constructed set for a big budget production.

It was all quite calming though and added another dimension to our trip on the NC500 route. The silence which was broken every now and then by the whistling winds and the light breaking off the waters of the loch was a sight to behold. The Old School made our journey along the NC500 so much more fulfilling than we had ever expected.

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