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All across the world, businesses have become heavily reliant on YouTube videos. From looking at tutorials to accessing information, it is now an as smooth and accessible medium that companies are not ready to let go of. However, even for businesses with dedicated teams monitoring the relevant videos, there arises a need to create a repository of informative and useful videos for both employers and employees.

In this regard, you require a medium through which you can convert and download YouTube videos to MP4 in large numbers, free of charge. This is because, for bigger businesses, there is never a number that you can stop at. Each department will require a specific playlist that they can explore at any given point in time.

A while back, this could only be done through a purchased software, but all that has changed. Various websites allow businesses and individuals to log onto a website where they can convert videos from YouTube to MP4, MP3, etc. The specifications of each site concerning the limitations, safety measures, and smoothness in delivery vary. Therefore, it is increasingly important to choose a reliable website with good reviews and a user-friendly interface.

Introducing Ontiva

When discussing better websites that can help you convert and download videos from YouTube to MP4, Ontiva is one of the highly rated companies. This is because it delves into a range of different services and formats by ensuring that its customers are given top priority. They pursue a client-friendly policy where they are in constant contact with the customer if something goes wrong.

Client Support

From the ‘Contact Us’ tab to the customer support email address on the website, Ontiva encourages customers to reach out with their complaints and feedback. Rather than just recording and documenting them, they go further and try to put them into practical implementation to improve their services further


For larger businesses engaging in such services, it is essential that their security not be compromised due to the nature of their databases and documents online. This confidentiality pact is illustrated through the no registration policy of Ontiva. Since you are not required to register at any step or divulge personal information, the safety measures are maintained, and the company’s security is uncompromised.

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Conversion Limit

For a lot of different websites, there is a potential limit on the number of videos one can convert and download from that specific website per day or overall. However, through Ontiva, you can convert and download as many videos as you want. If you run a business and are looking to download videos in bulk, you can trust Ontiva to help you through this journey.


Ontiva provides its services completely free of charge. There is no subscription or user fee, unlike several other websites that you may log onto. The purpose of Ontiva is to provide these services completely free to those who wish to tread upon this path of collecting YouTube videos.


In the case of many websites, additional extensions are required to help you maneuver through the website. Still, Ontiva promises to be a bundle beyond which you need no further pop-up or extension to operate. This is important because sometimes these extensions bring viruses with them, putting your computer system or mobile device at high risk from potential viral activities.


By providing a wide range of file formats, Ontiva ensures that the customer is not worried about being unable to find the right file format to convert into. Through this website, businesses can convert videos from YouTube to MP4, MP3, WAV, FLV, OGG, and MOV, a much more comprehensive list of options than most other websites provide.


As a business owner, if you ask your employees to use Ontiva, you do not have to worry about buying the laptops or specific mobile phone sets. It is a website that can easily be used on personal computers as well as mobile phones – both Android and Apple. This is highly convenient because you do not have to invest in any further devices to help your employees use Ontiva.

From a business perspective, there are very few websites you can thoroughly trust with the type of videos you are watching or downloading to include in your playlist. Most other sites will locate your presence and include your usage in their database.

Nonetheless, when it comes to Ontiva, it promises to not only provide you complete confidentiality and secret identity, but it also ensures that you can avail of its services freely and smoothly in a wide range of options. By making it incredibly easy to use, it is an excellent website that businesses can use to help their employees retain the information that is most crucial to them.

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