Original Grain Alterra Chronograph Zebrawood Gold Watch 6v2

The Defining Feature: Original Grain Zebrawood/Gold Watch

Original Grain are the premier makers of wood & steel watches. Original Grain are purveyors of style, with their watches forged of wood, steel and a fresh approach to classic traditions. They hold their timepieces to the highest standards of craftsmanship, authenticity, and quality. In doing so, each one of their products is truly an original.

Each of these hand-crafted wood & steel watches are handcrafted from a variety of sustainably sourced exotic hardwood from around the world and one of their quality timepieces is the Alterra Chronograph Zebrawood / Gold watch. Retailing at $299.00 this watch is great value, worth the price and I’ll show you why:

Overall Features and Dimensions

This watch is made up of natural zebrawood. Zebrawood is often used to accentuate a design pattern and rhythm, creating a unique look similar to the stripes of a zebra. Additionally, all the wood is sourced from Central Africa.
The face is covered by tempered scratch-proof sapphire glass, both for beauty and durability. The watch is almost fully made of wood, like the handcrafted links and the 2.5 mm inlaid wooden bezel, which gives the watch its exotic beauty. However, parts of the case and the rest of the arms are made of refined stainless steel further adding the metallic luster.

Now, the most specific details about the watch include:

The Case

The standard watch case is made of 316L stainless steel and is absolutely beautiful. It’s worth addressing the notion that with metal casings, they tend to scratch and become old and undesirable. This watch demystifies that. In addition, the back case is designed to ensure the watch sits comfortably on the wrist.

The Dial

The dial is made of wood featuring rectangle hour markers and the words Original Grain engraved. All of which are polished golden and reflect light. The cover is scratch proof glass embedded in a wooden bezel. The best part about the dial is that you can actually see the design patterns appearing like the zebra stripes. It is indeed lovely.

The Bracelet

The bracelet is stainless steel but with skillfully handcrafted wooden links made of the same natural zebrawood. The bracelet links are uniform and aligned impressively. The uniqueness of this creative and ingenious watch’s bracelet will make any watch enthusiast fall in love with this watch over and over again.

The Movement

The Alterra Chronograph Zebrawood/Gold features a two function chronograph and in addition possesses a stopwatch function. This undoubtedly confirms its Alterra (short for all-terrain) name.

original grain zebrawood gold watch

Final Thoughts

To set the bar above industry standards of the wood watch design and process, Original Grain is influenced by Pacific Northwest roots bringing in the finest natural materials into each timepiece silhouette. Additionally, their environmental conservation efforts involve planting 10 trees for every watch sold. Therefore, you are doing something for the planet in terms of conserving it.

As I conclude this segment, the Alterra  Chronograph Zebrawood & Gold watch, is unique and stylish. In addition, the price range defines who wears it.

Where To Get Your Original Grain Timepiece

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