Our Best Bond Cars – Aston to Alpine

You must have been living under a rock recently to not have seen the new Spectre trailer, the 24th Bond film starring heartthrob Daniel Craig as 007 himself. As admirable as Craig’s abs are, we were more excited to see the gorgeous new Aston Martin DB10 in action. The car is nothing short of gorgeous, with its classic Aston Martin front grille coupled with a brand new headlight design. The perfect way to celebrate the 50th year of Aston Martin and 007’s love affair. We cannot wait to see the location footage spanning London, Rome, the Alps and Morocco.

We felt there’s no time like the present to review our favourite Bond cars of all time.

Nobody does it better

Of course it all started with the DB5. The very first Bond car to be adorned with Q’s beloved gadgets, including the iconic ejector seat. “Where’s my Bentley?” Bond asks Q as he’s presented with the Aston. Little did he know that this would be the start of a long and fruitful partnership between Bond and his Aston. And who could fail to be charmed by the adorable Corgi version?

We also have an enormous soft spot for the Lotus Esprit – the submarine car from The Spy Who Loved Me. Arguably Bond’s most outrageous car, the audience are totally unaware of the car’s feature until Roger Moore fires it into the sea. It’s hilarious and ridiculous, and comic Bond at its best.

The Anti-Aston

In Fleming’s novel Dr No, 007 drove a Hillman Minx saloon, which is hardly reminiscent of the flashy Bond we all know and love. Luckily, for the film version he was awarded with a slightly better Alpine Sunbeam. You may be shocked that this made the cut, but we think it’s a pretty nifty choice for Bond’s first car. An Aston it ain’t, with its four cylinders and  1.6 litre engine. But we think Sean looks great in it.

Finally, we return to the trusty Aston Martins with the inimitable V8 Vantage.

We like it’s menacing and slightly harsh look, it is unapologetically a traditional Aston. Again, Q was loose on this one with spiked tyres, wheel-mounted lasers, skis and rocket launchers. You can catch a look at the 1968 beauty at the Cars Of The Stars museum in Cumbria.

Let us know your favourites in the comments.

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