Pagani To Open New Headquarters in the UK

Great news for us petrol heads as Pagani announce that it is opening a regional headquarters up in the UK.

This can only mean that Pagani are looking to improve their presence here and will hopefully mean more hypercars on the road.

2015 marks the 15th anniversary of the first Zonda sold in the United Kingdom, which can by all means be credited as the one single territory that launched Pagani as a brand in the automotive world. This small but rich history gives us the responsibility to start in the UK with the next chapter for Pagani. Through the new joint venture structure in the United Kingdom, Pagani customers will receive an unprecedented experience of Pagani ownership. – founder of Pagani Automobili, Horacio Pagani

We don’t know much detail on where it will be located, although likely guesses are that it will be centred around London, or how soon they are going to boost their presence. But we certainly can’t wait to see more of their cars on the roads in England.

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