Parking Management For The Modern Day

Parking management is not a very common idea yet. When you think about it, it doesn’t seem to be very helpful during your daily working routine. But believe me or not – it can change a lot! Parking troubles are main problem of almost every big city and also of every big company. What is really interesting 54% of office managers think that company’s parking is effective, while just 32% of employees have the same opinion.

Not Enough Parking Space For Employees Or Company Vehicles?

Do you realize that almost 40% employees at least once a month look for a parking spot more than 15 minutes?

OK, we understand there is no possibility to make car park bigger. But there is always a possibility to manage it in a good way. Thanks to using parking management applications you can set up exact amount of parking spots you have available. Everyone can book a place for their cars. In case someone doesn’t need it, can release it to use for others with a one click. Employees who will not book parking spot on time will know to choose alternative way to get to work. It also saves their time, causes less stress and simply makes mood better.

Also 68% of people do not give away their spots while being on holiday or leave, that means that lot of parking places are wasted. Knowing the trouble people resign from going to work by car in advance. The same problem concerns home office issue. 4 out of 6 companies allowed “work from home” for at least some employees.

Parking management applications like Parkalot, can also help you to solve other issues for example when you have multiple parking spaces and need to know where  free spots are or when you rent a parking space and want to optimize its usage. Parkalot allows you to create several separate car parks.

Why Is It Worth To Try Parkalot?

First of all, there is a quick set up. As a parking admin you just sign up, create your parking and set its location, add parking spots, invite users. It’s done in four simples steps that will take you just 15 minutes.

Also the parking user application is very easy and handy. You open invitation e-mail, sign up with your Facebook account or e-mail address and you are ready to book parking spot in less than one minute.

What benefits using Parkalot can bring:

  • Improving parking efficiency by 25%
  • Booking parking places in advance
  • Assigning priority spots if needed
  • Endorsing smart parking rules
  • Reconciling parking conflicts

To read more about application visit their website.

To try application, please use this link.

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