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What Is The Perfect Car For Each Style Of Driving?

There are a lot of different factors that go into helping you decide what car to buy. Everything from your budget to how much space you need is going to have an impact on the decision that you make. But there’s one thing that even the most thoughtful person can often forget when it comes to buying their car: the kind of driving that you want to do will have a huge impact on the kind of car that you should buy. Everyone’s needs are different, and everyone wants something different from their car. Car manufacturers know this and take significant steps in order to make sure that there is a right car out there for every single person’s individual needs. With that in mind, here are the perfect types of cars no matter what kind of driving you’re planning on doing.

City Driving

If you live and work in a city, then chances are that you’re going to use your car primarily for getting around at relatively low speeds and often won’t have much of a chance to really open up the engine. City driving often involves a lot of tight cornering and squeezing into small spaces. Because of this you’re really not going to need a giant gas guzzler in order to get around. In fact, a car like that can actually cause some real problems for you when it comes to getting around a crowded city. For one thing, trying to squeeze a large car into small parking spaces in a city is never fun for anyone! The other issue is, of course, fuel consumption. If you’re not driving particularly long distances, you simply don’t need a huge tank or a powerful engine. A smaller car with tight steering and a relatively small fuel tank, something like a Peugeot 108, is a far better option for city driving.


Let’s say you’re the type who simply can’t resist the call of the open road, and even more so, the desire to get off the road entirely! Off-roading isn’t for everyone, and it certainly isn’t for every car. You need to make sure that you’ve got a car that can really handle the rough terrain. A Jeep is the best option for this, but there are also some SUV’s that can handle off-road driving pretty well. These cars can stand up to a lot of punishment, which is great because if they couldn’t then the cost of Jeep servicing would almost certainly go through the roof!

Long Commutes

If you’re spending long stretches of time on the highway, then you’re going to want a car with a little bit more power under the hood. Smaller engines are great for cities, but they start to burn through fuel at an alarming rate once you get up to higher speeds. A larger, more powerful car like the Volvo V90 is a great option for making sure that your drive is as smooth, comfortable and economical as possible.


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