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Ways To Personalise Your Car

Personalise Your Car

As petrolheads, we can never truly leave a car alone. It doesn’t matter, an MPV, an estate, or even an SUV. Yes, we say to ourselves, this is the family car, I’ll leave it alone, but things don’t always go to plan.

Unless self-control is something you excel at, there will always be little touches that we add to our car. Looks are always subjective, and to us, a car may not look the best it can be in our minds.

This is why the modification culture still soars. If there’s a market, someone will cater to it. Hence, I will be suggesting ways to add your own touch to your car, without going overboard.

Aftermarket Wheels

Wheels are great, they’re akin to shoes for our cars. Another advantage is there are a plethora of wheels to choose from. So many manufacturers make wheels nowadays it gets quite overwhelming.

This is where your imagination becomes useful. Or you can always use virtual tuning to let you preview how you car will look. Technology is great.

A good set of wheels not only improve your car’s looks, they will aid in performance too. I really do suggest you do a read up on the relationship between wheel sizes and performance, as it will help you to pick the right size.

A bad set of cheaply made, heavily compromised wheels however, is a completely different story. No matter how good it looks, it is never worth it. Chances are, those wheels are made to imitate some other brand name, and even sold under that name. If the price seems too good to be true, it is.

Also, don’t get stupid and put absolutely massive wheels on your car. Yes, they’ll look aggressive and fill your wheel arches. But they’re expensive, ultra-low profile tyres tend to be hard to find and also pricey, and your car’s performance will suffer. If you’re going for a specific culture though, such as Hi-Riser, it’s a different story.

Performance Exhausts

Aftermarket exhausts are great investments. They make driving a car that much more enjoyable and fun. I’m sure you’ve all seen it, people doing tunnel runs in their cars and giggling like a toddler.

Not only that, but a good, well-sorted exhaust system will notably increase power output. They tend to bring the powerband closer to usable range too. Additionally, if you spare extra expenses on tuning after exhausts, you will definitely feel the difference.

Straight piping is idiotic however. Remember, you still want to drive your car. Keep a muffler or two in there, don’t delete your cat, and keep the resonator. Droning gets unbearable when you get rid of the resonator, it’s there for a reason, and it doesn’t really impact performance much, if at all. Don’t go the cheap route.

Exhaust mods can affect resale value, take note.

Exterior Touches

There are plenty of exterior modding options out there. One of the most popular, and most striking is wrapping. Wrapping is akin to painting your car, but it’s less of a commitment.

How so? You can always remove the wrap. It’s a cheaper option compared to painting too, and if you stick with high quality wraps, it shouldn’t damage your paint.

It is less durable than well-looked after paint though. While wraps may last around 5 years, paint can last the life of a car. If you paint your car a different colour, chances are people will pay less when you want to sell your car.

Another subtle, but a good way to let all your friends recognise your car immediately are custom number plates. There are many services out there that offer personalised number plates, but Absolute Reg is a good way to go.

Interior Touches

Interior parts are usually ‘plug and play’. You can always keep the original parts and reinstall when the time comes to sell your car. Therefore, it’s a good way to go.

Pedals, for example, are available and cheap. However, a comfortable and compatible set of pedals go a long way to improve your driving experience. A good place to start.

You can also change the seats of your car, make sure that it’s not the kind that you need to absolutely mutilate the seat railings for though. Bucket seats are helpful and can be very comfortable, but they’re difficult to get into. At most, I suggest semi-bucket seats. Make sure you like it, as you spend a lot of time inside your car.


Of course, there are definitely more ways out there to add your personal touch to your car than I can list. It’s your car after all, and people are always thinking outside the box. What I covered is just the tip of a giant iceberg.

If you have just got a car recently though, those are good ways to start. If you want to modify, do it right. This holds true to all, but applies especially to daily drivers. Think! This is a car you’ll have to stick with for years every day.

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