2017 SEAT Ateca Red PH 1

Petrol-Head Parents! The Best Family Cars Out There

Picking a family vehicle comes down to the usual quibbles, size, boot space, and if you can actually fit the kids in there somewhere too! The typical box-ticking exercise for buying a family car is just to get a hatchback. But be warned with this, it may be the first option for many car buyers that are looking to make the upgrade along with their family size, but what you get in boot space may be more about height than it would be about actual comfort! So here are a few proper hatchbacks to have a good look at before you even think about carrying another child!

SEAT Leon Hatchback

Sure, you could go for a bigger model, like the SEAT Ateca Xcellence, which is sleek and sexy, but when it comes to operating within a budget, the Leon is hard to beat. As well as being a great looking family car, the SEAT Leon is great for long-haul family trips where you need to keep track of mileage and keep the kids entertained. The Leon had some visual updates in the front bumper and grille, but the technological tweaks include USB connectivity, SE technology as well as DAB radio. Depending on how far away the grandparents are scattered, choosing a petrol engine for the shorter distances is recommended. The 1.4 litre with 123bhp is great for short, quick drives, and won’t drain your bank balance. While the newer models generally have its own smart technology, you would be better to get a tyre pressure monitoring system if you plan on making longer journeys to give you some peace of mind. The engines are nice and quiet too, so if you need to drown out the noise of the baby, this isn’t your best bet!

Renault Megane Hatchback

Renault have upped their game with every new model, and although the latest Megane looks on the expensive side, the design is incredibly striking, with the wider rear lights adding to the mystique. And in fact, the Megane does seem to be a little wider, adding to its style and athletic appearance. There is a choice of four engines, and for the petrol-heads, there is a 1.2 litre that provides 128bhp and a 1.6 litre with 202bhp, which lends itself really well for speed. These cars also give you the choice of dual-clutch automatic or manual transmission, which is great for the long journeys and when you want to switch off and enjoy the journey. As safety is a priority for when you’re ferrying the family around, the Megane is a great choice and has had a five-star rating from the EURO NCAP. The interior is as stylish as the exterior, and the touchscreen is available to add ease to your driving but only on select models. There is DAB radio, Bluetooth, as well as air-conditioning.

As family cars go, you’d be hard pushed to pick models better than these, the Octavia or the Peugeot 308 are the standards in this respect, but look at these and see if there are better ways from getting your family from A to B.

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