The Pizza Steel 11

The Pizza Steel – Better for Baking and Golden Crusts

Learning to make pizza or any bakery at home with the help of the baking stone provides us a sense that is reminiscing to the fiery brick oven that great bakers have employed in the past. This baking stone’s success has echoed over the centuries, mainly because of its ability to hold and retain heat, which is subsequently transferred to the baked good consistently and evenly. The Pizza Steel does just that equivalently but more efficient and better. How? Simple, because steel is about four times denser than the baking stone material. Therefore, there is radiation of more heat in comparison to the baking stone, giving you a rich, golden crust.

This effective transfer of heat is basically the “secret” behind the incredible baking power of the Pizza Steel.

Why the Pizza Steel?

Aside from the quality heat radiation and the rich crust formation of your baked goods, there are other aspects that will make you want to purchase this product.

  1. One of them is With the Pizza Steel, say goodbye to broken pizza stones! Have you ever bought an expensive baking stone and it broke in two or more pieces, making you cringe and wallow in despair? Well, with pizza steel there is nothing to worry about. With a guaranteed 10 years plus of use, this is the best for your business and home use as well.
  2. Pizza steel is a simple yet effective surface for baking pizzas and bread. Steel retains heat since its metal, cooking your pizza or bread with hot air and giving better color to the crust. The pizza steel provides a longer contact with heat that transfers it to your raw unbaked good when placed on it. The resulting baked product is lighter with a crispier crust.

Product Specifications

Pizza Steel has been tested for perfection with varying steel thickness. It was discovered that thicker wasn’t always better. An excellent baking steel demands the right dimensions. Too thin, and there won’t be enough heat stored for the initial dough baking by absorbing the heat, in addition, it will burn your baked goods. Too thick, and it won’t recharge after the initial baking phase. It was discovered that, over the testing period, the 6 mm and 8 mm steels emerged excellent candidates with both delivering excellent results.

In Conclusion

While looking for a product to bake your goods, think steel. Steel is not only durable and effective in dispersing heat, but also it’s easier to clean and hygienic. Moreover, in the long run, it is cheap. If you have a bakery business, using a steel plate to bake will serve you for longer all the while producing quality and desirable products for sale. Therefore think real steel, won’t you?

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