Porsche unveils new ‘Porsche 5M Fans’ edition of the 911

Porsche have released a new edition of the 911 Carrera 4S to celebrate the achievement of five million likes on Porsche’s Facebook page, and it’s special.

The one-off special was designed by the five million Facebook fans (though that number now stands at around 5,800,000) and though no one will be able to buy the model (only one was made) it will be for all to see at Porsche’s Experience Centre at Silverstone. Porsche’s older ‘milestone models’, including the 1 million likes 911 GT3 Hybrid racing car, which boasted 27,000 signatures across it’s body and the 2 million fans Cayman art car which included the fan’s faces on the body are on show at the Porsche Museum back in Germany. However, the new addition to the fleet will play more of an active role; one lucky fan will get to drive this car around Silverstone by winning a competition that Porsche have put together. Thereafter it will remain in the Porsche Experience Centre at Silverstone

Aesthetically speaking, the car is brilliant. And that is saying something, as I am not a fan of how Porsches look – the same style for years and years doesn’t appeal to me. But the white 20″ rims and finished metallic blue body work look stunning. There is a specially engraved dashboard which is finished in brushed aluminium which is accompanied by the also engraved door-panel and centre-console which is also finished in brushed aluminium. The PDK gear selector and the pedals are also in brushed aluminium. Keeping the motif throughout the car makes it look effortlessly and seamlessly stylish.

With Powerkit as an option, it holds a tremendous 424bhp and will storm to 60 mph in 4 seconds and if you keep your foot planted in the pedal, it will reach 191 mph as a top speed.

Whether or not Porsche are just taking advantage of the latest advertising opportunities on social media platforms and just throwing the ever increasing number of Porsche fans a bone or they actually care about the fans and want to give something back to them – this publicity stunt has worked a treat. And I think it won’t be as long as you think it will be until Porsche reach an astonishing 10M fans on their Facebook page, so keep your eyes peeled for their next fan sourced creation. And if it is anything like the Porsche 5M Fans model, it promises to be a special one.

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