DS Automobiles DS 4 Prestige BlueHDi 180 2016

Driven: DS Automobiles DS 4 Prestige BlueHDi Review

After a week-long test with the DS Automobiles DS 4 Prestige BlueHDi here is Motor Verso’s review.

What’s the DS 4 Prestige BlueHDi all About?

The DS 4 is a large hatch which is aimed at the more mature market than the DS 3. As you can see from the pictures the DS 4 is a funky looking car with DS taking bold moves to make the car stand out. Now that DS have split out from the Citroen brand the car has had an overhaul which includes, of course, new badging, new headlights and new DS wings, with chrome work into the front bumper.

DS Automobiles DS 4 Prestige BlueHDi 180 15

The car on test is the Prestige BlueHDi model. There are 3 types of trim available: Crossback, Elegance and Prestige. Prestige adds features like a reversing camera, keyless entry and start, and 18 inch black diamond-cut ‘Brisbane’ alloy wheels. I’m a big fan of the wheels, I certainly think they help the car achieve a premium look.

DS Automobiles DS 4 Prestige BlueHDi 180 19

This DS 4 BlueHDi 180 has a 2.0 litre diesel engine that puts out 178 bhp and 400 Nm of torque. This means that the 0-60 mph time on paper is 8.6 seconds and the top speed is 127 mph. The main benefit of the engine is that it comes with great economy figures, with DS saying the car will achieve 64 mpg combined whilst only creating 115 g/km.

DS Automobiles DS 4 Prestige BlueHDi 180 17

How Does it Drive?

For such an exciting-looking and stylish car I can’t say that the engine matched what I thought the characteristics of the car should be. From the first turn of the key, when the engine came to life I felt that diesel noise was a bit louder than it should be for the premium experience I was expecting. But it’s not all bad as the 2.0 litre diesel engine certainly packs a punch. When you put your foot down in the DS 4 the power from low down the rev range really pushes the car forward at a great pace.

DS Automobiles DS 4 Prestige BlueHDi 180 13

The power goes to the front wheels using a 6-speed automatic gearbox. The gearbox works really well, especially in traffic, you can still get away quickly with the gearbox responding fairly efficiently; it will do all the hard work for you whilst you just concentrate on the road in front of you. For those wishing to push a bit harder the gearbox does come with a Sport mode to adapt how the gearbox works, aiming to make more power available to you, more of the time.

DS Automobiles DS 4 Prestige BlueHDi 180 11

One of the biggest benefits about the engine and gearbox setup is the super impressive economy figures. DS say that the car is able to achieve 64 mpg combined and I would back them on this. During my testing the car’s MPG figures were staggeringly good. On the motorway the car is easily able to power itself along at 70 mph at low revs and when you are standstill at the traffic lights the car will cut out, saving pennies where it can.

DS Automobiles DS 4 Prestige BlueHDi 180 28

Other plus points to the car include what I would consider as a pleasant and soft ride. Even on those huge 18 inch alloy wheels the car is beautifully smooth and makes a great way to travel long distance.

What’s it Like Inside?

As you would expect from the premium DS brand, the inside is exceptionally well designed and well put together. Once you take a seat inside you will notice the dashboard layout is designed around a large media centre screen in the middle of the car. The array of buttons underneath the screen are used to control the sat nav, Bluetooth, CD, DAB, and heating controls. The car now also includes Mirror Screen technology, allowing the car to link more closely with your mobile devices.

DS Automobiles DS 4 Prestige BlueHDi 180 3

The front seat had an electrically operating massage function that will work the lower section of your back. Although it wasn’t overly impressive I can imagine that it would show its value on a long journey.

DS Automobiles DS 4 Prestige BlueHDi 180 4

Getting into the back of the car may be a challenge for some as the door handles are hidden into the window frame to improve the styling. Once opened, the back door entrances are slightly smaller from creating these seamless doors. It is also worth mentioning that the windows in the back don’t roll down either, this isn’t really a problem just an observation that you notice when you spend some time with the car.

DS Automobiles DS 4 Prestige BlueHDi 180 25

The Experience

The DS 4 is without a doubt a cool car to be seen in; it has modern city style and also has the power and efficiency to help back it up. You feel a sense of price driving around in something that stands out so well from the rest.

DS Automobiles DS 4 Prestige BlueHDi 180 1


The DS 4 is well equipped, well designed, and well implemented. Most people are looking for a hatchback that needs to look good, have great economy, and is reasonable to drive, there is no doubt that this is the car they are looking for. Although it might not sell quite the same volumes as its baby brother the DS 3, the DS 4 is set to do well.

DS Automobiles DS 4 Prestige BlueHDi 180 9

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DS Automobiles DS 4 
  • Price: £28,155
  • Engine: 2.0-Litre turbocharged diesel
  • Power: 178bhp
  • Torque: 400Nm
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • 0-62mph: 8.6 Seconds
  • Top speed: 127mph
  • Weight: 1,575kg
  • Economy combined: 64mpg
  • CO2: 115 g/km

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Author: Paul Hadley