Gumball3000 Comes to MSL Performance Birmingham

Gumball3000 Comes to MSL Performance Birmingham

The Gumball3000 came to visit Birmingham at an event hosted at MSL performance. Being a local event and focused around expensive and performance cars we thought it was only right that we pop along and see what was going on.

We were at MSL for around 9 o’clock in the morning, the police already had the road blocked off  from the general public and were only allowing people for the show in.

Gumball3000 Birmingham MSLPerformance (1)

There must have been around a thousand people attending this event and hundreds of different supercars. From the people that I spoke to on the day there were a selection of convoys who had driven from London and Manchester to support the Gumball event.

Supercar Meet up Birmingham – Cars Every Where

There were cars everywhere you looked. Outside MSL the entire road was full of supercars, as well as hundreds of people trying to get near them.  As you would expect at an event like this, there was consistently someone redlining their engine, showing off, with flames popping and turbos dumping. It certainly got a little loud at times.

Gumball3000 Birmingham MSLPerformance (34)

Here are a few of my favourite cars from the day.

Gumball3000 Birmingham MSLPerformance (61) Gumball3000 Birmingham MSLPerformance (18) Gumball3000 Birmingham MSLPerformance (9)

Inside MSL Performance Birmingham

MSL performance are a tuning company focusing on tuning high-performance cars. Inside their garage they have a number of ramps and a rolling road that they use on a regular basis for tuning supercars. For the Gumball3000 there was a selection of the finest supercars around inside MSL Performance. The centrepiece for the day was this highly modified Lamborghini Aventador.

Gumball3000 Birmingham

Highlight video

This video shows you some of the highlights from the Gumball3000 event. You’ll see the supercars cruise past on their way into the event, the crowds that they attracted and the noises that they made.

If you would like to see more pictures from the event, take a look at our gallery.

Author: Paul Hadley