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Techrules Releases Production Details Of Its Supercar

China-based automotive R&D company, Techrules, has unveiled exciting new details of its production supercar, poised for public release on 7 March 2017 at the 87th Geneva International Motor Show.

According to latest revelations, Techrules has combined its ingenious proprietary Turbine-Recharging Electric Vehicle (TREV) powertrain with a dramatic, aerospace-inspired design. Furthermore, world-renowned automotive designers, Fabrizio and Giorgetto Giugiaro brought their expertise to the table. Surely, a brilliant combination set to produce a fantastic product.

Techrules – Futuristic Aircraft Design

To demonstrate, the smooth, modular design complements a form and function design. And, the driver is centrally-positioned in the aircraft-designed cockpit, ideally positioned for optimal visibility. In keeping with the aircraft design, occupants enter and exit through the fighter jet-style canopy. Talk about a dramatic entrance!

Techrules’ advanced supercar employs top-grade components to deliver superior performance, hardcore power and unparalleled efficiency from its innovative powertrain. Further, international motorsport specialist, L.M. Gianetti engineered the chassis to the highest of standards.

Streamlined front laser headlight and ‘star-burst’ reversing LEDs bring a sense of tomorrow. While the integrated rear-view cameras and impressive design showcase distinctive Techrules styling characteristics and technology that are sure to feature in future models to come.

Techrules Releases Production Details Of Its Supercar

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