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Protect Your Car’s Interior – Boost The Value of Your Car

If you try to add up the number of hours you spend in your car, you will find out that it’s a lot. Road trips, errand runs, and commutes can get you sitting in for many hours in your car, and during that time, you are actually living in the interior. That means food in your seat crevices, scratches on the dash and smudges on the windows accumulate and makes you wonder what happened to the clean and spotless interior which you had when you bought your car.

Do A Quick Clean

It is not difficult to clean up your vehicle’s cabin to stop it looking like somebody lives in it. First, you need to get something to put your trash in. Just use a container or a plastic bag which you do not use in your home and throw it in the backseat. Also, you can affix a temporary hook to the seat or door to keep things in your car neat. Once in a while, take it out and dispose of the unwanted items. By doing that, you tend to save the time you use in cleaning your car. Keeping the trash off the floor is a way of preserving your carpets which at times gets stained from various items.

Another great idea of taking care of your car’s interior is by taking a rag to your leather seats and dash. The rags can be used with less soapy water to wipe your car’s surfaces.

You can also use some cleaning products. Place a small spray bottle and a rag under your seat or in the storage bin for easy access, this will come in handy when an emergency spill occurs.

 Lastly, some people keep your car smelling fresh by adding some dryer sheets under the seats.

Weather Resistant

You cannot neglect the impact in which the weather has on your car. In summer, sandy feet can easily make a mess in the interior of your car. Also, the snow, as well as mud, can cause some bad damages to your car’s interior. If you spend a lot of time in that kind of environment, you are recommended to grab some all-weather floor mats. The mats are easy to clean, and they do a good job in keeping the muck in one place.

The rays of the sun tend to wreak havoc on the surface of your car causing the vinyl to crack over time as well as the materials start to fade. Hence, it is advisable to place a sunshade on the windshield regularly. Theare not expensive, and they help in keeping your car’s interior look new.

Saving cash on cleaning and repair work comes more easily when you take the time in prioritizing the preventive care. Not only will these great tricks make your vehicle a cool place to be, but also keeping the grime out of your car will be minimal to the large maintenance costs in future. Also, by following these tricks, you will help yourself retain your car’s value over time.


Do not let your car’s interior get destroyed or dirty when you know are capable of keeping it in order and neat.

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