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In Pursuit of an E-Type Jag

So ever since I first started writing about cars; my mind has been going mental about what to write about next. But some time ideas come to you.

Last Friday I was on the M5 on the way down to a wedding in Bristol when I spot a mint condition E-Type Jaguar over take me on the motorway. Straight away I took a good look and thought that’s a nice motor.

So I did what any car nut would do. I changed lane and started to catch up to get a closer  look, but being a motoring journalist I also gave the misses a nudge and convinced her to get the camera primed at the passenger window to capture a nice shot for this article that literally passed me by.  Little did I know this Jag wasn’t slowing for anyone.

I spent about 15 miles following this Jag hoping he would go in the middle lane and allow my prepare but slightly uninterested fiancée to pull trigger and capture a close up of the top end classic car.

So for the sake of this article I’ve settle with alternatively sourced pictures. But the effort was all there trust me.

So this got me thinking about that E-Type. Every one interested in cars will give you their own opinion about the car, good or bad. As far as I’m concerned the E-Type was a real milestone in the motoring industry, this car still looks great even by today standards. Can you imagine people’s reactions to this car in the 1960’s? It must have been unreal.

The most beautiful car ever made.

On its release, Enzo Ferrari

The E-Type was said to be wickedly fast, seductively beautiful, and technically advanced for its time, the E-type is acknowledged as the Great British sports car. Born out of Jaguar’s highly successful factory racing campaigns of the 1950’s, the E-Type was an instant classic and quickly gained a reputation of being a blindingly fast sports car wrapped in a deliciously sexy body.

With a 3.8 litre double overhead cam race engine matched to a very advanced lightweight monocoque and tube-frame body and a sophisticated independent rear suspension, the E-Type is said to be a thrill to drive, although I am yet to have my turn behind the wheel.

The best thing about owning an E-Type in the modern day is that it is one of the rare cars that are going up significantly in value. Depending on condition E-Type’s are available from anywhere from £30,000 all the way up to £170,000.

So we take our hats off to the late Malcolm Sayer, who designed the E-Type Jaguar and was one of the first to introduce the use of aerodynamics into the motoring industry. We salute you.

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  • Adam Marsden Says

    I had an E-Type over 20 years ago, I should never have sold it. As it is worth more than my house now!

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