Are FCS Struts a Reliable Choice for My Jeep Cherokee?

QuestionsCategory: Ask An ExpertAre FCS Struts a Reliable Choice for My Jeep Cherokee?
Karen Smith asked 4 months ago
I'm currently looking at replacing the strut/spring/mount assemblies for my 2016 Jeep Cherokee and came across FCS brand options on RockAuto. I'm unfamiliar with FCS and wonder if they're a good choice. Ideally, I'd use Bilstein struts, but they don't have the coil springs I need. Can you share insights or experiences with FCS struts, especially regarding their performance, durability, and suitability for a vehicle like mine?
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Zack Norman Staff answered 4 months ago
Hello there, Karen! Thanks for reaching out with your question about FCS struts. It's always wise to get a second opinion on parts, especially when it's a brand you're not familiar with. FCS struts have mixed reviews among car enthusiasts and mechanics. They are generally considered a budget-friendly option and can be a suitable choice for older vehicles or cars that you plan to keep for a short period. Users have noted that these struts can significantly improve ride height and provide a comfortable yet firm ride. However, they are basic economy parts and might not match the performance or longevity of more renowned brands like KYB or Bilstein. For your 2016 Jeep Cherokee, the decision may hinge on how long you plan to keep the vehicle and what you expect from the struts. If you're looking for a cost-effective solution for a vehicle that's not going to be in heavy use for many more years, FCS could be a viable option. However, if you're aiming for top-notch performance or planning to keep your Jeep for a long time, investing in a higher-quality brand might be more beneficial in the long run. It's worth noting that some users have experienced an increase in ride height after installing FCS struts due to potentially higher rate springs. This change can be a positive or a negative depending on your preferences and the vehicle's intended use. Given your situation, where you cannot find the ideal Bilstein parts, FCS struts might serve as a satisfactory alternative. But if you're not in a rush, you might want to keep looking for other brands or consider mixing and matching components (like using Bilstein struts with different springs) if that's an option. Zack - Motor Verso Mechanics Team