Can a CV Boot Be Repaired Without Complete Replacement? Considering Epoxy as an Option

QuestionsCategory: Ask An ExpertCan a CV Boot Be Repaired Without Complete Replacement? Considering Epoxy as an Option
Sophia David Jones asked 4 months ago
I recently came across a forum discussion about repairing a CV boot without needing to replace it entirely. Some users suggested the possibility of using epoxy, while others mentioned split boot kits that can be glued over the joint without removing the axle. This has piqued my interest, and I'm curious about the effectiveness and reliability of these methods. Could you provide some insight into whether these are viable solutions and what the best practices might be?
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Zack Norman Staff answered 4 months ago
Hello there, Sophia! Thanks for your question! Repairing a CV boot without a complete replacement is indeed possible, though the effectiveness largely depends on the condition of the boot and the CV joint. So, here are my thoughts, based on what you've described:
  1. Epoxy: Generally, using epoxy isn't recommended for CV boots. These boots are made of rubber or PVC, materials that flex and move with the joint. Epoxy, being rigid, can't accommodate this movement and is likely to fail.
  2. Split Boot Kits: These kits are a more practical solution. They come in two halves that are glued around the joint. However, it's crucial to keep the joint clean and free of grease during installation. These kits are often used as a temporary fix and might not last as long as a new boot.
  3. Stretch Boots: Another option is stretch boots, which don't require axle removal. They are stretched over the joint using a special tool. This method is quick but requires precision and the right equipment.
  4. Considerations: It's important to assess the condition of the CV joint. If the boot has been damaged for a while, the joint might be contaminated with debris, in which case a full replacement is advisable.
Remember, while these methods can save time and money in the short term, they might not be as durable as replacing the entire boot or axle. It's a balance between cost, effort, and the longevity of the repair. Zack - Motor Verso Mechanics Team